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Lisboa Unbound at Drako Club

I’m a smooth, gay, muscled leatherman who has his needs. So I went in search of them at Drako Club in Lisbon not long ago. It’s a gay men’s sex club, where horny guys get naked to rendezvous with other men who need to suck and fuck. I needed to feel a smooth, muscled, naked man on my body and get his cock inside my man pussy. I zeroed in on a smooth cut Brazilian-looking guy. He was dark and tall, and his cock looked like it was going to be about 8 inches fully erect. I was getting hard scoping him out across the bar. He looked my way, and I motioned him over. I was getting ready to take him in my mouth but first he wrapped his arms around me, holding me close with his hard biceps and his tight chest. He had full lips, and we immediately begin searching for each other’s tongue in a long, deep, full mouth kissing session. The light stubble on his chin gently sanded mine as we slurped on each other’s tongues for a while, our cocks getting hard feeling each other’s erection down below. He was smooth like me which turned me on even more knowing I’d soon be taking that clean shaven 8 inches in my mouth. We made out awhile longer, exchanging saliva and then I knelt down, my face covered in his spit , to rim his smooth Brazilian bubble ass. It was the roundest muscle ass I’d encountered in awhile. My tongue went to work licking the labia of his asspussy. I went piggy at his manly trough sticking my tongue and fingers inside him as deep as I could. A crowd of other naked guys began to gather, stroking their cocks as I rimmed the fuck out of my man. He was moaning as I buried my face up inside him.

I turned him around to face me, clamped my nipples with the binder clips I carry with me to enhance the experience, and took that throbbing 8 inch monster in my mouth, his cockhead gagging me with each thrust. I sucked hungrily on his cock, his delicious pre-cum tasting sweet and peppery. My leather hole needed the feeding it longed for, so I stopped fellating my man and licked and whispered into his ear, “I need you in my cunt,” and led him over to the sling. I settled in, lubed my hole with my pre-cum, and helped guide him inside me. I let him bareback me because I wanted to feel his hot seed inseminate me. He fucked me slow at first, then hard and fast. With my nipples clamped it felt sooooo fucking good. He began thrusting at the speed of light, pounding the fuck out of my hole, growling like a rutting buffalo. I grabbed hold of my hard cock and began furiously stroking to come at the same time he unloaded in me. “YEAH, FUCK YEAH! FILL THAT FUCKING HOLE, LEATHERBOY! FILL ME, MOTHERFUCKER!” He came deep inside my mancunt, I showered my abs with my leatherman juice, and a few other guys let loose on my muscled tits. I was awash inside and out with men’s seed. 

Brazilian boy finished with a couple dozen slow thrusts and when he removed himself from my stretched hole, his sperm oozed out of me. He wiped a handful of it and fed it to me as I relaxed back into the sling, licking his fingers. Then he leaned into my splayed legs and took a long deep kiss of my mouth, swishing his tongue around for a taste of my ass-juiced seed. 



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