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My new (to me) Viking dry suit

I just checked off a big bucket list item and acquired a Viking drysuit. I tried it on for the first time, and damn, that zipper is really hard to manage!! When I first climbed into the rubber suit I went through the process and did up the suspenders, pushed my wrists through the latex seals, then my head through the neck seal with attached hood, and.. I couldn't get the shoulder zipper zipped up all the way. It was stuck and no matter what I did I couldn't get it more than half way closed.

Once I gave up, it took me forever to get the thing off. It's very well insulated even without the undergarment, so I was starting to over-heat a bit as I struggled to pull myself out of my tight latex wrist and neck seals. My first impressions are that 1) my suit might be a bit too big for me, as there's some bagginess in the legs and torso area. I think it should tighten up once I figure out the best way to get zipped up though, but I'm not sure to what extent; and 2) modern drysuits are no joke and I can see why there's so much ink spilled about their maintenance.

All in all I'm optimistic that it should work out in terms of sizing, once it learn to close the damn thing. But in terms of play, I might be better off buying one of those heavy rubber suits from

I do plan to use this for diving purposes as I get deeper (pun not intended) into the hobby, but I've gotta admit it felt the experience felt lot more utilitarian, like this is a serious piece of kit, and less like a chonky catsuit.


Blackstyle reference, I want this next:,showdetail,1688366339-23235,e,1688366379-23606,maenner.maenner_bodies_,26038,,Tshowrub--maenner.maenner_bodies_,.htm

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