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There's a first time for everything

I've been into heavy gear like motorcycle leathers, dry suits, hazmat, football equipment, heavy rubber and gas masks for the better part of my maturity.  It was an odd kink to arrive at for a straight guy cruising the internet in the late 90's but it is what it is. I guess it did go back further since I always wanted to play catcher in baseball as a kid and then went onto football as a teenager. Sure the games were fun but deep down I was a gear head.

It's been something I've kept to myself though.  Like I said, it's an odd kink and I didn't really know how to explain it. Nevertheless when alone I'd find myself drifting away from vanilla porn and more into heavy gear and bondage.  The problem for me was that so much of the good stuff featured exclusively men. It was easy to watch though, seeing one androgynous figure all rubbered up, totally enclosed with a gas mask dominating another.  Likewise for the motorcycle gear porn. So much was two guys leathered up to the nines... The top going hard and the bottom getting absolutely dominated; you could hear the groans between the squeaking leather and the sound of a helmet banging against a bed frame, that's the good shit that got me off.

It's funny, a steady diet of gay gear porn when there's little to know skin to be shown can change how you see things over time.  This is the story of the night when my curiosity finally got the better of me. 

I found myself cruising the casuals on craigslist (remember that?) and one ad struck me:  Mid to late 20's in good shape posted at ad about experimenting with another guy.  I thought "this guy is in the same situation I'm in" and after edging myself on some gear porn for about half an hour I finally got up the muster to fire off a message.  

As luck would have it he was quick to replay. He lived nearby and after a few exchanges including pictures and a preview of some of my fetishes, he was on his way over.  I don't think he gave a shit about gas masks or gear fetishism, he just wanted to suck some dick and it not be attached to a serial killer.  Luckily, I fit the bill.

A nervous 45 minutes later and I see the lights to an Acura pull up my drive way. V (we'll call him) walked up and i welcomed him in before he could knock. After 5 minutes of introductory small talk I brought him upstairs to check out my gear collection.  I had the vintage rubber drysuit, one piece leather motorcycle suit, waders and a few gas masks (all featured in my gallery).  We got upstairs to the bedroom and just as I was about to pull my rubbermaid container full of party tricks out of the closet he came on and kissed me. I froze up for half a second. A guy was kissing me, is this real? The moment passed and I settled into a longer open mouth affair.  He looked clean shaven, but had stubble.  I didn't like that but it wasn't about to ruin the moment, I was into it.

I brought out both suits and he immediately seemed more interested in my Teknic one piece. He donned the motorcycle suit and white GP-5 Russian gas mask while I geared up in the vintage drysuit and a black GP-5 as mask.  The moment we were both enclosed off seemed to hang for 10 minutes.  We faced off covered head to toe in full gear. He was a bit short for my shit, but it still worked. 

Despite the come on earlier V was a bit shy wanted to follow my lead on foreplay.  I walk over and gave him a big bear hug then immediately felt down between his legs, his arms reached around my back and squeezed my buttocks. I couldn't feel his bulge through the suit but he was thrusting into me from a standing position.  This might not have been what he expected but he was all in, I could even tell just by the way his eyes locked on to mine from behind the glass lens of the gas mask, this guy was excited.  

I shoved V back and he fell on to my bed facing upwards with his arms stretched out on either side.  I mounted him in missionary position, holding each arm down and thrust into him with a slow but firm cadence. My cock wanted to explode inside the thick rubber suit, it just wasn't quite enough to get me climaxing.  That's when I reached up and plugged the intake valve for on V's gas mask.  He didn't know what I was doing at first but pulled away hard once he realized his air supply had been cut off. 

Oops, he didn't like that, better make a note of it. I gave him a few more thrusts before we turned over and he was now riding me - still in full gear, mind you.  

V could see my cock was pressing out from my suit and proceeded grind back and forth from his sitting position. That's when he leaned in and the muffled voice from behind the gas mask said "I want to go down on you."  I didn't have any zippers installed in either suit so they had to come off.  Cue 5 minutes of us awkwardly peeling these two sweaty suits off each other and having a laugh about it in the process.

We stood there naked, both eight inches and rock hard; I grabbed both of our cocks together with my right hand and said 'look, same size' to which he replied 'yours is fatter'.  He was right but I was still impressed since I've been told I was big my ex's and whatever the stereotypes are about Asian guys, it didn't apply to V. 

He dropped to his knees and started sucking lightly, not just focusing on the head, but going up and down the shaft with gentle suction.  He was good.  As I got more into it I held his head and started to move my hips with his motions, going just a bit faster, just a bit faster. Before long I was going deep into the back his throat and he wanted more.  Eventually it devolved into a full face fucking.  V crouched on his knees and took everything I could stab at him when finally... bliss.  My knees slightly weakened as I shot a hot load into the back of his mouth which he swallowed immediately.  A few more thrusts in-out and he'd cleaned me off almost entirely. 

V stood back up and I turned my attention to his cock.  I was in the moment but I still wasn't ready for any bottom action.  I jerked V off for a bit from a standing position.  He liked it slow and firm, but shy of the death grip.  Moving to a sitting position on the bed I kept working him with both hands. I don't remember how we got to the next stage but V was straddling me (laying down) again with me continuing to jerk him off, his cock hanging just above my chest.  His body was moving in a thrusting motion as he got more into and with that momentum we'd worked our way across the mattress and my head started to bang against the headboard.  I lifted my head up to try and change positions and that's when it happened.  V misread my intentions of my head leaning up while I jerked him and he shoved his eight inch cock right into my mouth.  I think he was in and out a few times before I even processed it.  I was thinking "oh my god there's a dick in my mouth".  What do I do? And before any discomfort could establish itself I'd started to like it.  

I got up from the laying down position and put V on his back.  From there I got on top and went to work on his hard dick.  I'd never given a blowjob before but I've had them and watched enough porn so how hard can it be to do it right?  He got a lot lips, a lot of shaft work and as much suction as my lungs could take while my tongue massaged his head.  V groaned hard.  He was wet with pre-cum which made the blowjob that much easier to go up and down his lubricated shaft.  I went at him for a solid 10 minutes but he wasn't going to cum.  He said he was holding it in for when he got home later, the man had discipline!  I was ready for his load, but it wasn't going to happen that night.  

By now I was getting hard again and V wanted to taste some more.  For this next session I climbed into my rubber hip waders and put back on the GP-5 gas mask.  The smell of the rubber combined with the feel of the heavy rubber for the waders as well as the current scene brought be right back to top mode.  I'd already came earlier so he was going to have to work to get it again.  V got back down on his knees while I gave it to him hard.  Being in the rubber boots and gas mask felt like rush of power was surging through my body.  I relentlessly pounded V's face, breathing deep and heavy through gas mask, occasionally letting out the most primal groans I'm capable of.  I wasn't quite cumming though. It was getting late and I was fighting fatigue.  

In the moment I told V I wanted to fuck him from behind. He was game but unfortunately he hadn't trained himself before coming over. I was new to this and didn't know about the planning that needed to take place. After fumbling a condom on I clumsily tried to fit my semi into his fit, tight ass, It wasn't going going to happen though and I didn't have a butt or dildo handy to start the job. 

Not wanting to end the night on a low point V went back to work nursing my dick back to full staff.  Still in rubber waders I laid back down on the bed while V got on top and started working me hard and fast until I got so hot and sweaty I had to rip off the gas mask.  Gasping for fresh air and squeezing his body with my rubber waders I finally found release.  We laid there a few minutes, a puddle of humanity trying to come back to their senses.  We got up and got dressed, V thanked me for the night,kissed me one last time and left.


Teknic one piece suit and white GP-5 gas mask


Vintage dry suit and black GP-5 gas mask


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  •  hkyfn: 
    Thanks for the story and for for sharing! I can say that I understand where you are coming from. When the gear comes off a guy, my interest goes to zero! There have been HOT girls in hockey gear that come up on other sites......but they are hard to find!....sadly
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  •  JamesWilts: 
    Wow. Interesting a a straight guy did this. It's so hot I had an instant boner reading it.
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  •  gearish: 
    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I'd love to hear some of your own first time encounters as well :)
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  •  mirrorim: 
    I really enjoyed this story. Supper hot!!!
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  •  Ducrider: 
    I’ve read this a couple times. Thanks for sharing.
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