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Fantasies from a rainwear slave Chapter I

Fantasies from a rainwear slave I

This is a dream or a fantasy I've had in a long time. Naturally, it is a fictional story, so all people and events are fictional and fantasy. But I would so like to wish that the experience could be a "fact" within reasonable reach in time.


It all has its origin in that in most of my life has been a dedicated "Raincoat-Fetish" Being Raincoat dependent of such calibre; you got to be so many things. It may mean that you like to be dressed in rainwear both outside and inside 24/7/365. It was supposed to indicate that you are dressed in rain gear all day, all week in any day of the year. It goes without saying that it is impossible, but the impossible is the most often not impossible, it just takes a little longer to implement. So why do we rather have to content ourselves with being in rainwear as often as possible, which may mean rainwear from Friday 6 p.m. Sunday 24:00? With this in mind I will tell the consequences of history. I read in the newspaper the following ad:


Outlet. There are large outlets in leisure clothes for hunting and fishing. You will find lot of items in labour rainwear. Sales will be from "Cars & hanging" on the square Wednesday from 12-18. I know a shiver through the body by thinking of rainwear on sale, and not to talk about being dressed in rainwear. A rainwear fetish like me, you like to be wearing rainwear several layers and naked underneath. It was time to expand my rainwear collection now, and it fitted well with a ride on the square on this day off my. I have off work on Wednesdays so everything was right that it might be a good day for trading of new rainwear.


It was a good start to the day when I woke up and heard the rain lashed against the windows. It was therefore quite natural to dress up in rainwear to exit. I put on my 4 layers rainwear this autumn day in August. The inner layer was a set of yellow Aalesund which consisted of a jacket without cap and oilskins in size L which I had wrenched with rubber side against the naked body.


The following two layers consisting of jackets (without hood) and oilskins of brand HH in size XL in the colours green and orange. I like colour contrasts so I chose green jacket and orange oilskins outside and then orange jacket and green oilskins utterly. But as the outermost layer, I took a chance on getting me a set of brand “Abeko” / Farmers in rain. It was blue jacket with a hood and black pants. The jacket has a hood and elastic cuffs and pants have elastic at the back, around the ankles and with a solid knit under Foot. I dared just not having the jacket underneath the bib pant then snaps on the pants would seem. (I know it's the real rainwear fans who crave humility and submission that do such things with their clothing).

I still felt a little on thin ice with oil pants with elastic under the soles (rubber boots)


With jacket in XL and pants in XXL I felt pretty rubber horny consistently in rainwear. I looked in the mirror before I went out, not so easy to see that a stiff rainwear-dick was inside the 4 oil pants.


Down on the square, it was easy to see "The sales outlet" I quickly moved to end at the trailer where it was poster: "Solid Labour rainwear." I discovered to my astonishment that there lay the multiple sets of rubber rainwear category, Black Diamond (BD). There were stacks in size from M to XXL. I quickly went over to the department with XL. I saw that there were two clerks behind the counter who were both dressed in black BD. It was after all the rain in the air and store outdoors. I looked at the top set and took it up to see it. "Yes, here you have rainwear of good quality. I see that you have good outfit where you stand. "With a smile on his face I could see that he gave a little wink to his colleague. He was not slow to offer me to get into the trailer to see more rain gear of the same battle.


Yes, so nice I said, and climbed up into. I had no sooner got into the trailer before I heard the bang of a weed that descended and closed us inside. "Yes, we see that you are like a subject who knows their rainwear. But do you know about rainwear sex too? "Was the question that quickly followed? I felt warm and suddenly it was life in my dick. Was this a dream? I did not manage either to respond or say anything, before rain gear-man continued: "I see that it bulges out in your bib pants. I guess your dick stand, so it's probably best that you join us on "The Farm”. There you should probably get to serve as a rainwear slave!


"With these words, it was even more hard cock pee, and it was probably more than I had imagined. But being as rubber horny in rainwear the way I was now, it is only too much of a good thing. 


A rubber mask with openings for eyes, nostrils and mouth was passed over my head, and then told to put on the black rubber gloves with long sleeves. In addition to Surface rubber mask, I got a gag and a collar that was tightened around my neck, fairly loosely enough that breathing went smoothly. I was then ushered into a van that turns out to be something they call "Rubber express."


Inside the mobile "Rubber Chamber," was the versatile decor with "Andreas Cross" and closets with rainwear that was clear to see through Plexiglas doors. Along the walls there were large mirrors and hung handcuffs, shackles, "strap on" and remedies to hold a rainwear catch at bay during transport. I looked in the mirror and noticed that the gag they had put on me was a 'Double gag "with a dildo on the outside. So here I was as a rainwear slut with a rubber dick out of my own mouth. I was just hornier at the sight of myself in the mirror with a dick out of my own mouth. Inside the bus, I thought that here has well many a rubber low had been captured and transported out to the farm.


I did not manage to finish the train of thought before I was laid on my back on a bench inside the bus where I was dressed up with additional 3 layers of rainwear jacket under oilskins. "You must become a rubber roller now," I heard and was then tied at all 4. I knew of course that they had tightened with the seals on oljehyrene, so it felt good that rainwear suddenly sat close to the body. During the car ride was so much shaking and vibration that it was fast life in the cock rainwear tightness in the crotch and almost behaved like massage to rubber cock in my rainwear. It just had to end with a semen ejaculation, but I had to pinch my teeth together to provide a single sound that could prove that this was a "Cream Release»


One handler next to me took a firm grip in oil pants crotch at me and got grip on the fights against it under layers of rainwear and massaged my cock. "You enjoy well this now?" Was the question I got. "Raincoat masturbation surface oil pants are too advanced. But remember, do not splash too early, you may have to pay dearly for. "I was astonished at this statement and could not quite understand what it would entail.


On reaching the door was torn up and I was separating from his bunk and ushered into the reception. When I arrived at the counter, I saw a person sitting there as a concierge guard and secretary in an outfit that really catches my interest. I would suspect that the rubber man in front of me put in several layers of rain gear on. It knew I was down in the cock and it could clearly display on my utmost oilskins. "So here we have a new rubber slut to farm," I heard him say something strictly into the air. My oil pants told clearly that it was stiff dick inside. "I see you get horny in rainwear?" was the next comment. "We may as well check if rubber slut is clean?" I would now be examined and controlled. They wanted to know if I only had to stand dick in oil pants or whether there had also been a sperm ejaculation


Well inside the control room, I was again placed on a bench. Immediately came 4 rubber assistants to take me closer look. They loosened elegant my layers of rain gear that was jacket / trousers in several layers and then trouser / jacket. When they came to the bottom discovered the facts that there had been for me and semen stains were apparent. They had the usual procedure on this. "This rubber slut must be flushed, flogged and cleaned, but first oil pants licked clean. To its knees, I had nicely lick my own semen to clean the inner oilskins

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