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Fantasies from a rainwear slave Chapter II

Well inside the control room, I was again placed on a bench. Immediately came 4 rubber assistants to take me closer look. They loosened elegant my layers of rain gear that was jacket / trousers in several layers and then trouser / jacket. When they came to the bottom discovered the facts that there had been for me and semen stains were apparent. They had the usual procedure on this. "This rubber slut must be flushed, flogged and cleaned, but first oil pants licked clean. To its knees, I had nicely lick my own semen to clean the inner oilskins.


This was followed by a cleaning with flushing of the naked body. Two rubber assistants in Hazmat uniform took me by each arm and led me into a reasonably large shower cubicle which was thoroughly prepared for the purpose. It hung links with handcuffs from the walls. In addition, there were foot-links attached to the floor. A large "Andrew's cross" was mounted on one wall between the walls with chains. Here were the more opportunities to make "bathing guest" pretty well strapped on their arms and legs. Well located in the Cross, I got a rubber head mask over my head. This was a mask with "Blindfold" so I had to expect to be exposed to something that I might not be able to discern the scope of.


One of rubber assistants took a firm grip of my cock and whispered in my ear: "Now you will just relax and enjoy it all. Your time to perform will come soon enough, but now you should just enjoy. " I knew that dick was stiff, but was very unsure of what this could entail. I did not have to think so much more for me to feel a pleasant warmth in the lukewarm water that flushed me where I stood chained in the "Andrew's cross", naked and with a rubber hood over my head. It was an unbelieveable good body massage at the shower jets that hit me. In particular, the life of dick when I once again could feel that a firm hand with rubber gloves grabbed my cock and massaged it. Now everything went suddenly very fast.


The next thing that happened was that the rubber slave they had placed in front of me in a kneeling position, began further treatment was to take gently grasp my cock and I could immediately feel that it was inserted into the mouth of the slave in front of me. I barely have experienced what it is like sucking rubber dick to a rainwear partner who has used oilskins with opening in front so a rubber dick in briefs with pouch for your dick, are available and ready to be sucked where they exit oil pants. Knowing how it's done, it was just absolutely beautiful to know mouth massage of my own dick inside the mouth of the kneeling rainwear slave in front of me. I had no feeling with neither time, space or place. Just that I was so explosive horny of getting my dick sucked, and it came fast release of several shots with semen slave kindly accepted.


It went quite fast to dry the body after this round. I was quickly located and clamped in a gynecologist-chair. "Preparation of rubber topic 114," I heard a rubber assistants said with clear voice. Then followed a round of shaving the groin. "You know very well that rainwear slaves can not have hair on their dick," continued the voice. After lathering and some quick laps with razor, it was suddenly clean-shaven in my abdomen. "Now it's just the string to be cut away." I realized of course that this would mean smooth shave skull. "This should just make you happy, it becomes so much easier to put on your rubber head mask when the hair is gone," I got explained. It is a part of the standard equipment of rainwear slaves. Now came the dressing of rainwear with jacket and pants inside out with rubber side against the naked body. Then follows a plurality of additional layers which jacket always is below oilskin.


How many layers, vary from day to day, but in this round I was dressed up with green ocean rainwear in size XL, followed by two layers of Aalesund and HH in the colors of yellow and orange. Both sets of XL. Utmost team was a set of black Abeko (Farmers in Rain). I felt now like a small "rubber-mountain" in rainwear after black Viking rubber boots and black rubber gloves with long sleeves was added to the garment. I have to inform that the innermost layers of oilskin was provided with suitable apertures at both front and rear.

In this attire, I was quickly led out of the room and across the hall where I first came in. The two rubber assistant ushered me further bathroom. I had now also got me a collar almost like a dog collar. I knew quickly that they startled if I did not keep pace with their walk-tempo.


Suddenly stopped one up and said I think this rubber topic here need both handcuffs and shackles. It was probably good "timed" for such equipment hung the several lengths and sizes of wall here. I quickly "handcuffed" with handcuffs around the wrists and shackles around ankles outside rubber boots. It got the the result that it was not as easy to maintain the pace now. I was therefore repeatedly commanded to its knees to receive rubber pants hiding in oilskins buttocks. An inexpensive thin horsewhip with good elasticity, can be well know through 4 layers of rain gear. "Thanks," is it called when you receive such rubber gifts. Assistant bellowed into my ear, so I understood of course that here was just to thank. I noticed that I was kept warm under rubber trousers only the 6 battles I got. I thanked as best I could and felt the prick was not as upset about this round. I let myself be a little late in getting up, which meant that the other assistant immediately thought that I probably needed a little more round just as a reminder. After four new strokes in a kneeling position, we went further.


When we eventually stopped, I was informed that it was time for me to "provide service." I promptly got to know that it was I who should now be kneeling rainwear low and suck dick to a newly arrived rainwear low. I was led into a shower room and placed kneeling in a different enclosure than that I myself was just a short while ago. I saw the topic come in to be clamped in the arms and legs and put in the cross. I knew what I should do. I took careful hold of the cock on the new slave. I could hear that he was breathing quickly. He was now perhaps a touch anxious for what is now going to happen. I toyed with his cock and let it get to know rubber gloves. I massaged his cock gently. I tried gently to masturbate it his cock so foreskin let up dick head.


He was very sensitive, so I took it just calm down. I took his cock and brought it into my own mouth. I knew that it was warm. I sucked it easy and "massaged" it with my tongue. It was pretty soon some more life in the dick. I also noticed that it moved from a little flabby and soft to be both horny and stiff. There was no need to suck it so much before I knew unleashing that squirted me in the mouth. The savory cream was strange to swallow. The slave who stood over me just moaned while I took his dick with gloves and masturbated it a bit easy in retrospect. I felt that now was a good day at work. The slave got his ejaculation. Well I got some recognition as rainwear slave. The assistants led me out. "Good job, you learned quickly.

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