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Fucked a Lingerie Fetishist I Met on Manhunt

Met a handsome guy on Manhunt who has a lingerie fetish. I love wearing lace g-strings so we hooked up at his place. Turns out, his fetishes include filming while being fucked. I'm an exhibitionist so I didn't mind our fuck session being recorded. By 2 cams no less. I brought my leather gear as that's what turns me on most while I'm fucking: bulldog harness, armbands, leather jock, black leather boots, muir cap, nipple clamps. He opted for what turns him on: tight-fitting white lace corset, white lace g-string, acrylic fuck-me pumps. He's a total sub and so started out sucking my hard leather cock. He enjoyed my tip gagging the back of his throat. I didn't want to blow my load in his mouth so after awhile of straight-up feel-good fellatio, I turned his smooth ass over and gave him a damn fine rimming that had him emitting little girl sounds of pleasure. Whatever your freak is, I respect it cuz I ain't one to judge. I love being fucked with my nipples clamped vise-like tight while begging a muscled leather daddy to breed my leatherman pussy. After that good rimming, I returned the favor and sucked his fetish pussycock for awhile then I bent his ass over and up, and inserted my throbbing leather cock into his moist cunt and fucked him long and hard as he moaned like a Catholic school girl on prom night in the back of daddy's car. He wanted me to unload in his mouth, so I flipped him over on his back, sat on his smooth tits, and jerked my hot wad into his hole of choice. It was about a cup of cum and lingerie daddy's mouth runneth over with my sweet leatherman juice. He opted to finish on my smooth leatherman muscle tits and that hot juice felt great pooling up in the trough of my cut muscled pecs. We'll hook up again for some more fetish fuck where he’ll unload in my leather mancunt or my mouth which I will swallow whole.

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