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First Guy Who Wanted to Fuck Me

First guy who made it known he wanted fuck me was when I was 16. He was about 10 years older. We became friends quickly not long after meeting one another. One night he shocked me by confessing that if I was interested, he’d let me shoot my cum all over his back. Intriguing. I told him I wasn’t interested in that kind of closeness with a friend; still, soon I was hanging out late night weekends at his small cottage. He’d ask for a massage as the evening was winding down so I would oblige, and he’d ask if he could strip down to his thong. I didn’t mind. I was totally turned on by mens’ thongs. I liked thong underwear and had started wearing them myself, thinking they were the sexiest thing going in menswear. Still do, I wear them all the time. When I go cruising, it’s a leather thong or jock. So he’d lay on his stomach and I’d massage his back, and occasionally let a finger slip underneath the back of his thong, just to tease him. He’d moan and get hard but there wasn’t anything I was going to do for him. It was really devilish of me because I wasn’t going to fuck him – I’d seen gay porn magazines and knew the kind of muscled studs I was into, which he was not. He was thin but had zero muscles. If he’d been more toned and actually showed some cut, he probably would’ve been the first guy I let fuck me. My fantasy from when I realized I was attracted to guys was to always be fucked mission style by a smooth muscled fuck stud so I could grab his muscled butt cheeks and force him ever deeper into my ass as he pounded me. That’s the first experience I was looking for and it wasn’t going to change. Alas, with this guy, it was never to be. He wanted to fuck me so badly I could taste him tasting it. He’d offer me a massage and I’d let him do that much, taking off my shirt, but not my pants. He tried like hell one night while massaging me to slip my ass-hugging tight jeans down past my hips to no avail. I did like though that he had a tantalizing view of the top of my thong which made me hard. He sensed my hard-on and trie like hell to slip my tight jeans down which clung ferociously to the contours of my bubble ass. I really did want to show him what I looked like just in my thong, but I knew that was too slippery a slope. Maybe that’s where I get my exhibitionist streak. Wanting to show off but being extremely finicky about where it might go from there. He was a good guy and we lost touch after I went away to college. A year later, I was back on summer break and going out of my mind with horniness one night when I decided to drop by his place and finally give him what he wanted. I just needed to fuck and I knew I had a willing partner if I just showed up. Went to his place, knocked on the door, and his roommate answered instead. Geoffrey wasn’t in. Disappointed, I left word that I’d stopped by, and went home to jack off. He’d get a kick now about how hardcore I’ve gotten into the leather scene, a kink way beyond the limits he was going to back then. I suppose now to make up for all that teasing years ago, I’d put on a show for him in my gear, but I still wouldn’t fuck him. I’d ask him if he wanted to shoot my wad on his back though.


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