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I Fucked Two Guys and I Liked It

Was in serious need of GayLeatherSex. Swung by L’Impact, a hot gay sex club nearby, to find what I was looking for. No viable options until I spotted 2 smooth, muscled guys making good use of a sling in the dungeon. Bottom was moaning as the top, a blonde chiseled hunk, was drilling his hungry hole. I had my bulldog harness on, tight leather armbands, cockring & cocksling making me hard as fuck, and came over to say hello. I clamped my nipples tight to get even harder, a little pre-cum oozing out of my throbbing hard-on. The blonde top took notice, grabbing hold of my hard cock and began stroking as he continued to fuck bottom boy. After a bit, he stepped aside to allow me in. I got inside the bottom, grabbed his smooth muscled thighs, and began fucking him hard to his delight, as evidenced by his high-pitched moaning. Blonde top inserted his stiff cock into bottom boy’s moaning mouth and we proceeded to fuck his two holes, both of us edging but saving it for a later explosion. Bottom boy eventually had his fill and ceded the sling. Blonde top took his place in the sling becoming blonde bottom, and took me inside his smooth, tight hole. His smooth muscled thighs had virtually no body fat on them and they felt good and hard to grip as I thrust my hard cock deeper and deeper into his hole. He was moaning with pleasure and begging me to fuck him as hard as I could. In French. I fucked these hot smooth muscled guys and I liked it. I squeezed and pulled hard on his thick nipples as I fucked him and he was having a great time. His cock was thick and hard, about 7 inches, uncut, and looked like it desperately needed to be blown. I wanted that lollipop in my mouth. I took that bad boy whole and began sucking him off. It was full and hard in my mouth and I ended up going down on him for awhile. Eventually, he hopped off the sling, wanting me to fuck him standing from behind. I obliged. We were two, smooth muscled fetishmen enjoying fucking each other in a Paris sex club. Just as I was about cum inside his tight mancunt, I pulled out. He knew what to do, kneeling down, taking my exploding cock in his mouth. Blonde bottom swallowed half my leather cum and took the rest as a facial, thoroughly enjoying my leatherman juice, inside and out. Having finished, I took my turn in the sling. His smooth cock was rock hard and he filled my hungry leather hole, thrusting deep inside me. It felt so fucking good. He pounded me like a motherfucking jackhammer, and as I came again, he exploded inside my mancunt, torrents of his hot cum spurting out the sides of my hole. He continued slow, sexy thrusting as he delivered every last drop inside my leathercunt. My leather juice had landed on my abs and my smooth muscled anonymous GayLeatherSex partner pulled out of me to lean down and lick that leatherman cum off my torso. Those images of him swallowing my leather load, wiping my juice off his face, and licking his fingers & my stomach are a memory that immediately get me hard again. How was your Friday night?

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