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Mental Health Stigma & Gear Fetish Community

 I was recently 'rejected' by someone here in this community due to my mental health and hospitalization.

This year has been very hard with the coronavirus, but there have been other events in my life where I needed counseling as of lately. Thankfully, I got the help and am doing better. However, there is a stigma when it comes to mental health, where lots of people don't understand or don't want to accept you.

Unfortunately, the people who reject mental health probably have deep issues themselves or are in denial. It's always important to be honest and open, but to have a support system that loves and cares about you. Please know, that you can always come and talk to me if you are ever depressed or anxious. This may be a gear community, but we all have feelings behind our pictures and screen names, and you need a support system that loves and cares about you and understands. I am that person, because I have been there and I am still going through it.  I know it's never easy but the more friends we have that understand and can relate, the better it is, because you are never alone, and we don't want you to be alone.


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    I've been on the receiving end of knowing and loving a man who's got mental issues. It's not easy on this side either. Losing him was hard, and I miss him everyday. Despite his issues, despite his mood swings, he was (and still is) a very cute, very smart, lovable guy. No matter what he's done to me, he knows I'll always forgive him. And though we have not seen or spoke to each other in over three years, he knows I still love him. Maybe that makes me a fool, or a sucker, or what have you. He may put me though hell, thanks to his mental issues and mood swings. But he was, and is worth it. We all have our issues, our faults. Nobody's perfect. But in the case of the man I knew, he was, is, and always will be worth fighting for. Mental issues and all. Moral of this story? Never write off a man with mental issues. Once you get to know them beyond the gear, behind the mask (if they hide behind one), sometimes you'll find them to be nicest of guys, and they're worth knowing.
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