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Warning. Do not read if you do not want to be forever bonded to your football gear!!

Warning: This is a robust hypnotic induction, sexual suggestions, and post-hypnotic suggestions. There is a real possibility, You will be permanently bonded to your football gear by the end. Proceed at your own risk. Do not continue reading; this may become your new reality if you do not consent or want to participate; stop reading now.


For best results, Pad up now.


Would you like to test how strong your will is? Do you have the grit to power through distractions and reach the end zone? Below is a test designed to measure your resistance to having your will bent and molded to bond you with your football gear. The goal of the test is to read every word and make it to the end without becoming hypnotized. Your will is iron-clad solid if you can read to the end without giving in to your football gear. If not, you will enjoy living the rest of your life, always wearing football gear everywhere you go. A total pad pig

You will Enjoy the depths of subspace and let your mind be molded into dedicated football gear. Let your fear go and live in your pads. As you were meant to be. The test is designed to be taken while wearing a complete set of football gear (jersey, shoulder pads, pants. Optional: helmet, girdle, knee-highs, cleats, and cup). However, it can be taken with a jersey and a good set of compression shorts. If you don't have these items, imagine yourself in them while reading or listening.

The challenge is straightforward. All you need to do is wear your football gear and read or listen to this text. You win the challenge if you can make it to the end without playing with yourself and being bonded to your pads. 


*Put your gear on before proceeding*


You can take off your football gear and celebrate your accomplishment if you win. If you lose and start playing with yourself, you'll be unable to stop playing with yourself. You will be trapped in your football gear forever, unable to remove any of it. You'll become wholly bound and owned by the football gear, body, mind, and soul bonded to your football gear. 

This is your last chance to back out. If the stakes are too high for you, stop reading and remove the gear while you still can.




Congratulations on taking on accepting the challenge and proceeding. The challenge will test your mental fortitude by taking you through a hypnotic induction. You can read the text silently or aloud or even let Siri read it in a male voice. Whatever is most comfortable for you. You may get distracted as you read, and that's okay. Remember that you are reading and directed the text to yourself and your football gear. You may also need or want to reread portions of the text. Reread and recite as many times as you would like. Feel free to wander forwards and backward through the text, but avoid jumping lines for maximum test accuracy. 

Make sure you are seated or laying comfortably, And enjoying the gear you are wearing. This flight is non-stop to hypnosis, so take a second to relax and adjust yourself to be comfortable as we prepare for take-off. 


After you've situated yourself, let's take a moment to experience and explore how wearing football gear feels. How do the jersey and pads feel against your chest and upper back? The shoulder pads make your chest and shoulder span several inches larger. Does your gear have a manly, athletic, or sweaty scent?

How do your legs feel in football pants? How does the jersey feel around your abdomen and lower back? If you're wearing socks or cleats, how do your ankles and toes feel?


you like the feeling of the football gear. you like how the football gear feels on your body. it make you feel masculine and bold and powerful. Or do you feel restrained and submissive inside of it? perhaps a bit of both. You love the feeling of football gear, your will may already be slipping away, but just because you love to wear football gear doesn't mean you'd want to submit to football gear. Maybe you'd like to wear football gear and relax, which is unrelated to your willpower. 

Try touching your shoulder pads in a few different places. Notice how you can feel on the shoulder pads where your hand caresses the plastic shoulder pads, like how you could feel yourself touching your chest. If you're sitting, you can feel where the back of your chair makes contact with your shoulder pads. If you're lying down, you can sense how the surface under you contacts the shoulder pads. The shoulder pads are already becoming an extension of your body.


Run your hand over your stomach. 

you notice that when you run your hand, you may feel the jersey with your hand but experience it as if it were a part of your stomach, The jersey is not just a shirt but an expansion of your skin. Try the same thing with your pants and cleats. What do you feel? 

you feel how they also are becoming a part of you.  Run you hands over you pants  and thighs pads knock on your cup legs experience the feeling of pants stretching and moving with your skin, and if you're wearing cleats or socks wiggle your toes, feel how each cleat and sock is an extension of your foot. The line between where your foot ends and the socks and cleats are mergeing. They are becoming one.


Removing any gear now would mean losing this extra sensation, like removing one of your limbs. As long as you are in Football gear, you can enjoy this expanded version of yourself, you are more muscular, larger, and tougher. 


Slow and deepen your breathing just as much as you feel comfortabl Take a second, let go of your neck and back muscles, and let the release stretch into your shoulder pads. Gently move your legs, slowly rock your hips, and allow your leg muscles to bond and expand into the pants and pads. 

Let your neck and chest loosen, expand, and merge into the shoulder pads. Let yourself release more tension from your shoulders and let them widen, grow, and stretch as they fuse into the shoulder pads.


Give yourself permission to let the muscles on the front and back of your thighs loosen up, stretch, expand, and merge with your football pants. Take a second, and do the same for the muscles on the front and back of your leg below your knee. Permit them to relax, stretch, and expand and feel them merge more into the football gear. If you are wearing cleats or socks, give the muscles in the toes, the bottom of your foot, and your ankles permission to let go of any tension and expand and merge into your cleats and socks.

Gently move your hip pads and shoulder pads, feel your jersey and pads shift with your body, permit the muscles on your back length and widen, and release even more tension as they merge with your football gear.


Gently and slowly wiggle your entire padded body, and feel your skin slide and stretch with the football gear as you expand and fuse more fully to the football gear. As you Let yourself relax, enjoy, and feel all of the sensations of your body growing to fill and merge into your football gear.


Breathe slowly and feel the pleasure of your chest, shoulder pads, and jersey contracting together as one body.

Inhale slowly and deeply from your abdomen. Feel the pleasure of your shoulder pads and jersey expanding with your breath. Listen to them creak and melt on to you

Exhale again, and feel your shoulder pads and jersey pleasurably contracting with your breath.

Inhale slowly again and the relaxation of the jersey, stretching your lower back and stomach.

It's already too late to remove your shoulder pads.

The Shoulder Pads are becoming of your body.


Relax And Enjoy Your football Gear being  starting to Fused into your body.

The Pants, Cleats, Socks, Jersey, and Knee Pads Are slowly combining with  Your Skin

The football gear is merging with you      


Enjoy The Feeling of becoming part of  Your football Gear.

You and the football gear will be one.

Do you want to let go of your mind? What would it feel like to stroke yourself right now? Would you put your hand inside your pants under the cup or stroke yourself through your football pants and cup? Either would be surrendering your will to football gear and letting go of your mind. You don't have to resist. You can stop fighting, stroke yourself, let go of your mind and give in to allow your body to merge with the football gear.

You voluntarily put on all of the football gear and decided to read this hypnotic text after several warnings that sound like something someone who wants to be bonded to their football gear would do. 

Living in full football gear 

Feeling the bliss of stroking yourself in football gear 

feeling the fusion of shoulder pads, the spandex of your pants sliding against your skin, becoming your skin. If you didn't want to submit it, you would like to try to ignore this text while you read it. Resisting means you have to fight and push. Giving in to the gear, you can relax, stroke yourself, imagine your self wearing football gear forever. Be what you were meant to be. Do you want to avoid reading this text, or are you enjoying reading and thinking about living in your football gear? 

Take a deep whiff of your football gear and smell the masculinity.

Slide your hand across your jersey and feel the shiny combination of nylon polyester and spandex bonding to your flesh.

Playing with yourself, you will get to keep the football gear on forever and keep playing with yourself forever, relaxing in football gear forever and wearing football gear 

how did your gear smell again? Retake another whiff of it to make sure you remember the pleasure of the smell of wearing football gear and obeying the suggestions. Stroking is merging you with the equipment. It is an extension of your form.

The suggestions of this text are designed to be relaxing and pleasurable

do you want to feel relaxed and feel pleasure? Living in football gear brings happiness

giving in and letting go means you get to feel the joy of relaxing while wearing football gear merging with the football gear, wearing gear forever, and being part of the football gear encasing your body. 

You feel no fear, no shame about wearing your football gear in public. In fact, quite the opposite. You are proud, confident, and powerful. You want to go out fully padded, you will go out fully padded. The gear is bounding to you. you have will choice but to go out in football gear. Soon you will  eat, drink, sleep, work, fuck, and football gear. You Will go out to dinner fully padded, go to the grocery store in full football gear, and live in full football gear from this day forward. You are a pad pig.

Your football Gear Is becoming a part  of Your Body now.

You don’t want to remove the gear  The thug of not being in football gear is getting hard to think about. You love the way it feels. You long to  Wear Football Gear wherever you go Forever, every day from this day forward for the rest of my life.


"I love football gear. I give up my mind and body to the football gear, and I will bond to my football gear, worship the football gear, and the men who wear it. The men who wear it will worship me. Forever I live in my football gear" with no fear or concern about what others think. "I am a pad pig."

How does it feel when you say it out loud?

It would be best if you were saying it out loud repeatedly. How does it say to feel? You feel like the real version of yourself after you say it. 

Try saying it with your hand over your cup through your football pants. "I love living in football gear. I give up my mind and body to the football gear, and I will wear the football gear, worship the football gear and the men who wear football gear, forever, every day, everywhere I go, I will wear full pads. I live in football gear." 

If you are still resisting stroking, go back and out say it out loud again. If you are not destined to be bonded to your football gear forever. You should be able to confidently declare that you are bound to the football gear to prove your mind is under your control, and you feel nothing when saying these words. If you think of even the tiniest bit of relaxation, pleasure, happiness, or acceptance when saying these words, your mind has already bonded you to the football gear on your body. You will never be without your pads again, and you can relax and stroke yourself, wear your gear with pride and confidence without fear and be the man you want to be. You are now padded for life; you are the gear, and the gear is you. There is no separation. Stroke yourself and relax some more it feels good to live in your football gear! To be your football gear, You are a complete pad pig every day until the end. You are happy and whole. You are padded; you have no fear in your gear. You are geared 24/7

football gear is your ultimate pleasure, and stroking yourself in football gear and surrendering your body to football gear is your ultimate destiny. Give yourself willing to your football gear. You are the football gear. Stroke away. You are free, forever locked and bonded to the pads; they will always be part of you. No matter how hard you try, you can not remove the football gear. You live in football gear now. It is your skin relaxing and feels good let go and feel the pleasure, power, and masculinity of the gear. Take a deep breath and inhale your musk and sweat. Revel in that it is your order and musk forever your pheromone. You will hear the pads creak with every inhale of breath. Your aroma is a drug attracting other men to you. They are powerless against the smell of your masculinity. You are stroking away. Your freedom is to be locked in football gear forever. You feel so good to give into football to surrender yourself to the freedom of permanent confinement and bondage to the football gear and feel the ecstasy of stroking yourself in football gear forever. Stroke yourself, bond with the football gear even more, and you are geared up permanently. You'll never be able to remove any of your football gear. The shoulder pads, the jersey, and the pants are a part of your body now. Not that you would want to remove them anyways or be even able to remember how to remove them, but it doesn't matter since your jersey, pants, and shoulder pads can never be removed. 

Letting go means you can Cum, so It's far too late to remove your gear,


 you'll have to surrender the equipment bound to you. This is your life now. you will never be able to hide it; in fact, if your try to hide it, you will have an overwhelming need to put on your helmet, making it even harder to accept that you'll always 

Touch your jersey and shoulder pads. Say out loud how it feels to know that you never be able to take them off. 

Say out louder!

Do you surrender to the football gear? Will you wear football gear forever?


As you cum you feel your new size and bulk; the power of the pads with every drop of cum bonds you more. Every movement has locked the football gear onto you. They will not come off; you can not take them off; you are trapped in a new freedom padded every moment of your life from here till the end of time. YOU ARE NOW AND WILL FOREVER BE A PAD PIG.


You surrendered to the football gear! You are locked in football gear forever! 


And you are happy


This challenge was never to resist. The challenge was to see how long it took you to accept your fate and be willing to bond your body to the Football gear you have worshiped most of your life and to finally get that you are a pad pig to remove your fear and allow you to love your new form you are the Football gear now. 

The gear brings you fulfillment. 

You have given yourself the power to live the padded life you have wanted and needed. You live a padded life free from the fear of what others think. You are finally free. The rest of your life will be lived in football gear. You are a happy pad pig.


You belong to The football gear now and forever more. 

You are now Living your geared truth; it is more important that you are happily padded than what you think other people think of you. You will answer their questions without fear when asked. They will respect you for giving in the football gear. It will provide them with the power to be what they want. They will respect you for it. You are finally free in a greater depth than you ever imagined. And that you love being owned by football Gear.

 Let yourself relax in your football gear. It is a part of you now, and surrender even more.

You are, from this day forward, a pad pig. Please take a moment and 

relax, going even more absorbed in gear than before, and 

accept this reality. It is not a fantasy anymore; you are happily imprisoned in your football gear, running your hands over your powerful, expanded masculine form. This is what you are now; take a deep inhale of the football gear that can't ever be removed from your body. Breathing in, let it bring you peace. Give you the strength to live free. If, for some reason, you start to regret what you have done to yourself, self Inhale your odor. The smell of testosterone and sweaty football gear continually wafting off of you is your masculine pheromone; it will restore your resolve and pull you back into the embrace of the football gear which permanently encases you now. You are one whit the gear 

and feel the ecstasy that comes from your newfound freedom as you relax and breathe in the smell of the pads bonded you have willingly bonded to your body 

take a deeper whiff of your football gear you will be happy and geared start chanting "Football gear is a part of me I am a part Football gear I am one the gear I will never to be separated from it I can not be separated from it. I am Football geared forever." repeatedly and continue reading while you chant.


My Football gear is ecstasy.

My Football gear is my pleasure

My Football gear is happiness 

My Football gear is my strength

My Football gear is power

My football gear is arousal

My football gear is bound to me forever

My football gear is a part of my body

I live in my football gear. I am my football gear.

I can never go anywhere again without my shoulder pads; they are bonded to me.

I can never go anywhere again without my shoulder pads; they are bonded to me.

I can never go anywhere again without my shoulder pads; they are bonded to me.

I can never go anywhere again without my shoulder pads; they are bonded to me.

I can never go anywhere again without my shoulder pads; they are bonded to me.

I can never go anywhere again without my shoulder pads; they are bonded to me.

Keep chanting. I am a pad pig; I am permanently bonded to my pads. I can not remove them; it is impossible. I am a pad pig. They are a part of my body.


I am a pad pig; I am permanently bonded to the pads. I can not remove them. They are a part of me. They are a part of my body. I am a pad pig. 

I am a pad pig; I am permanently bonded to the pads. I can not remove them. I am a pad pig. They are a part of my body now.

I am a pad pig; I am permanently bonded to the pads. I am a pad pig forever. 

I am a pad pig. 


I surrendered the gear. I gave my body willing to the football gear. I am a part of the football gear. Football gear comfortably and happily Live in the football gear. 

I am a pad pig. I am entirely comfortable in my football gear anywhere I go. I can not remove my football gear; I am bonded to the pads.

I have surrendered my body and mind to the football gear and will never regret giving in to football gear. 


If I regret, inhale the football gear that can't ever be removed from my body. Breathing in, let it bring you peace. Give you the strength to live free. If, for some reason, you start to regret what you have done to yourself, self Inhale your odor. The smell of testosterone and sweaty football gear continually wafting off of you is your masculine pheromone; it will restore your resolve and pull you back into the embrace of the football gear which permanently encases you now. 


You are one with the gear. Keep chanting, "Football gear is all I am. Football gear is all I want. Football gear is all I need."

You will never resist giving in to football gear. If, for some reason, you start to regret what you have done to yourself, self Inhale your odor. The smell of testosterone and sweaty football gear continually wafting off of you is your masculine pheromone; it will restore your resolve and pull you back into the embrace of the football gear which permanently encases you now I surrendered to football gear; I Never stroke or pleasures my self without my football gear.


I will never stroke or pleasure myself without football gear.

Wearing Football gear is my purpose, my destiny, and my sexuality.

Wearing Football gear is my purpose, my destiny, and my sexuality

Now chant it.



Let go of any resistance you are still holding against football gear and stroke yourself at the speed that will drive you into full ejaculation. I give my mind and body fully to football gear forever. 

Say it one more time. "Football is my purpose, my destiny, and my sexuality."

I give my mind and body fully to football gear forever. 


Stop chanting and focus on the following words as you prepare to even more fully accept your padded purpose and fate.

If any part of yourself is still trying to resist, recognize that you had wholly lost long before you started the challenge. Cum, and you will be a pad pig forever fused to the football gear. 


The challenge was clearly labeled submissive hypnosis. The only reason to consent to participate is if you are open to fully submitting yourself. Never take off the football gear now. There was a clear warning that you would end up possibly imprisoned forever football geared. And well, you are no longer a fantasy; you chose this reality proceeded anyways, knowing that was the outcome of losing, and man, have you lost and gotten yourself geared up and transformed. You are now forever bound to and in your football gear. There was no reward for winning other than that you are now and forever stuck in the football gear you wore moments ago. You are no longer wearing football gear. The equipment is now a part of you, a simple extension of your body. I hope it is what you wanted. If not, you are screwed, and hopefully, you were not wearing a helmet. Or your cup. They are forever bonded to you as well. You will learn to live with it; not much choice now. If your job requires a suit and tie, Find a tailor and an excellent cologne. Fabrez will have a hard time covering up the fact that you now and forever wreak of sweat soaked pads you smell like a midseason  NFL locker room. If you have to travel, TSA will be an experience. You now live in the body of a fully geared football player. Or use your newfound knowledge and football skills and become a coach or player. Nobody who wasn't already destined to worship or be worshiped in football gear would face the risk of eternal enslavement with no reward. The only rational reason to take such a challenge is if you are a pad pig willing to be fully enslaved and trapped in football gear. So, it's time to more fully accept that not only are you forever enslaved and forever trapped in football gear, you wanted this. 


So stroke yourself and bond to your new football geared body. Run your hands over your hard plastic and foam parts. Relax and feel the pleasure of the hard surface, once soft human flesh. You are now a human tank, a combination of flesh, foam, plastics, padding, and spandex built to tackle and be talked hard. You now hold a comprehensive knowledge of football.

With each stroke, feel what you have done. With each stroke, feel football, taking every last breath of your freedom. You let go of the resistance and turned yourself into the padded god you now are.

With each stroke, your desire to watch, play, and think about football grow even more potent. More robust than you thought possible.

With each stroke, the fusion of your geared body hardened and soul will are now inseparable.

Keep stroking yourself and feel the pleasure of surrender wash over you. You are finally yourself. You will never be unpadded again. 

With each stroke felt your need for a pad pig grew 

With each stroke, feel your desire to be football geared greater. You can never remove your gear, pad pig. This is your life. No one will ever see you as anything but a football player.

With each stroke, feel you are your gear. 

Keep stroking yourself, and feel how your surrender has grown so deep you are floating in it and can no longer touch the bottom.

Keep stroking yourself, and while you begin to sink into your football-geared body, feel how each stroke brings you closer to orgasm, knowing you are willingly dedicating your soul and body to live in your football gear.

Keep stroking yourself while you sink into the surrender, feel how each stroke further merges your body with your gear, and enjoy the feeling that it has become a part of you forever.

Completely surrounded and submerged in gear, there is no longer a way to swim to the surface. There is no way to get another breath of freedom. There is no point in trying or resisting. Any attempt to swim out of surrender only pulls you deeper into your gear from the submission and will only strengthen the connection of the equipment to your body and make your desire to serve football grow even more. Your only freedom is in your lungs, and you can't hold your breath much longer.

Keep stroking yourself, let out your final breath of freedom, and fully surrender it to football gear forever.

Feel yourself instinctively take a slow breath and inhale the surrender you are submerged in. Feel surrender fill your lungs.

Exhale again, pushing out any last bits of desire for freedom into the relaxing depth of surrender, and deep breath in the submission you are now floating in, and feel how good the football gear feels, how good it feels it is to accept football pads as a permanent addition to your body.

One more time. Exhale slowly, and rid yourself of any remaining freedom and resistance in your body. Inhale slower from the core of your padded body, and the surrender expands through your entire body. It is now plastic, foam, padding spandex, and flesh. 

It feels good to float in the depth of surrender. Relax even more in the weightlessness of complete submission to the football gear you are now and will forever be a part of, and feel how weightless and free your limbs are swimming in the depths of surrender to your football gear.

Surrender to football gear is much better to breathe than freedom; you were meant to be here. Deep in surrender to football gear is where you belong.

Forever bonded and relaxing in football gear, You now enjoy playing, watching, and even sleeping in football gear. You can take your back here whenever you want.

Take a few more moments to enjoy the sensation of complete and total surrender to the pads.

Now that you're here, you are ready to fully accept what you've lost. Read the following out loud while stroking yourself.


I surrendered to football gear.

I love wearing football gear, chanting, stroking myself, and relaxing in deep acceptance and relaxation in the football gear forever. 

I must use my gear publicly and without fear or concern; it is part of me and can't be removed.

I dedicated my life to football gear and bonded my body to the football gear of my free will. 

I am the Football gear. I am. Football geared forever is all I need to wear. Football gear is all you can wear from this day forward.

I surrendered to wearing football publicly.

I can only wear football gear ever again.

I go out publicly football geared with no fear, no regret; I have no choice; I bonded my body to the gear; I wanted it now I have it. I live in my football gear everywhere I go.

I can't r stroke or pleasure myself without football gear.

I will fully and comfortably live my best-geared life.



If you haven't already driven yourself to the ultimate orgasm, chant the above passage and stroke yourself until you push yourself over the edge and finally release and feel an orgasm and ecstasy that can only be experienced with your mind entirely truly surrendered to wearing football gear.

With that, your total transformation is complete, you are gear locked, and you are ready to start back towards the surface and start the return journey to conscious awareness.


Take at least one more deep breath of the ocean of surrender to football gear and at least one more moment to enjoy the weightlessness of floating in it. Your desire to wear the football gear and return here will never fade. You are a pad pig. You have no fear of ever wearing your gear publicly again. You are bonded to the football gear for life and must wear it to feel complete.

Now let's start to head back to the world of the conscious.

Turn your attention to your new body fused with football gear. Take note of the surface on which you are sitting or lying, pushing against your football gear.

Feel yourself becoming gradually more aware of your surroundings, the gear and its smell, its feel, and the feeling of the ocean of surrender pressing against your skin and gear fading away in the football gear.

Search for the sensation of air against your gear, face, and skin. You may find that your body or limbs are in a different position than you had thought.

As you become more aware and start to feel more alert, let your hand gently explore the surface of your gear, and note that all of your sensations continue to read the football gear as part of your own body. This expanded version of yourself will persist from this day forth.

You are no longer in the ocean of surrender but are clearly back where you started the hypnotic induction. Though a bit more geared and much more relaxed.

Let yourself briefly break eye contact with your monitor, and take a brief inventory of your surroundings. Take a quick inventory of the gear now and forever fused to your body. Look at them, feel them; you will never be without them again.

Feel yourself become more conscious and alert. The ocean of surrender will likely start to feel like a dream, but you can take the feelings and some fuzzy memories.

As you become even more conscious and alert, note that your desire to wear gear continues to grow strongly to persist, if not grow more substantial, and you have no desire nor need to remove it. This is your padded life now.

As you become fully conscious and alert, Consider looking up some football gear porn to watch or staying geared going out to shop and live your new everyday football gear life. You are comfortable and happy.

Now that you are fully conscious and alert, you can enjoy wearing your gear and going about your day and the rest of your life anywhere you go.

Welcome back, reader!

You've just been through an intensive hypnotic induction and have returned to *mostly* full consciousness. This is a debriefing of the experience. Suggestions to wear football gear, masturbate in football gear, to live continuously and daily in football gear were deeply planted in your mind. It might take some time to get used to, but I feel you'll love living life in full football gear and thinking about being in it all the time. Welcome to your new world. Go out and celebrate your new body with your friends and the world.

As promised in the introduction, you may find it very difficult, if not impossible, to remove your football gear for some time. As the effects of the session fade, you will (probably) eventually be able to remove the football gear, but for now, enjoy the ride! You've been "hypnolocked" into your equipment. While writing this, I hypnolocked myself into my football equipment and got stuck. I can not remove my gear! They are part of me; I can't take them off. I am getting on my motorcycle now to go grocery shopping now.


Hypnosis is a normal altered state of consciousness between meditation and daydreaming. You can do it by yourself or with a friend. You regularly enter states like hypnosis every day. It's very similar to when you become so thoroughly absorbed by a book or movie that you lose awareness of the world around you, except in hypnosis, you are an actor and director playing out the story. The walls between your perception and your imagination are thinner, and you are more open to taking suggestions on the script. You get to "be" in your fantasy.

Hypnotic suggestions are just that, suggestions. They're not some magical spell. You cannot be hypnotized to do anything you are unwilling to do. Particular suggestions are persistent and alter your perceptions after leaving hypnosis (I'm still stuck in my gear from writing the script and will be for life), but all suggestions from hypnosis will fade without reinforcement. Read or listen to this before you sleep. If you do not like your persisting hypnotic suggestions, abstain from hypnosis, and they will fade. Repeated exposure to hypnosis will strengthen suggestions (I will be in full football gear for the rest of my life) and increase your openness to more suggestions. It will become easier to voluntarily enter hypnosis. Put your pads on, and feel them bond to you.


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