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Chat (Rocket.Chat) Avatars

Issue: Chat (Rocket.Chat) Avatars


Status: Open - Medium - 2019-02-15

Description: JeansGuy reported an issue trying to update his Avatar in chat.  I was able to reproduce the issue by signing in to chat in more than one location.  I believe a temporary workaround would be to "log out of all locations" after changing your avatar.

  • To do this click on your profile pic (or letter) up in the left hand corner of chat.  
  • Click "My Account"
  • Click "Profile"
  • Change or upload your avatar.
  • Click the "Save Changes" button in the upper right hand corner.
  • Then at the bottom of this page there will be a "Logout From Other Logged In Locations" button.  Click this.

Your avatar should now be "saved" so it appears the next time you log in to chat.


I tried this but still could not get it to work.


I did however manage to install an avatar by selecting "Specify URL" and using the URL of an already uploaded photo, instead of using "Upload avatar". Therefore I think there is something wrong with the functioning of the upload option.