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Do you wear your latex out and about?

Is your rubber/latex ever go out of your bedroom?  Do you ever wear it under your clothes? work?

Or wear it in public? out in a club?

Very rarely as much as I would like to 

I have a good collection of leather gear and recently just started wearing a form fitting one piece rubber suit, w socks, gloves, hood and a c&b detachable piece.  I now wear my rubber gear mainly under my leathers and just yesterday I wore it under my drysuit for scuba diving.

The feeling is totally magical and electrifying.  I had a boner beyond belief. 

I only have various rubber shorts (with or without zipper, different lengths), a T-shirt and a tank top. Most of which have found their way under my clothes when going to work.

I've also worn a full suit (with molded gloves) out  on the street twice. Once cycling to my friend's house on a hot summer day (under some camo gear), which included stopping next to cars at red lights and some drivers looking at my black rubberized hands... And another time taking transit, same thing. Super nervous about it but incredibly exciting.

I'll wear rubber shorts and tank top under my clothes on a regular basis. I also have a vintage smoothskin scuba jacket that I wear with a tee-shirt and torn jeans when I go to some clubs. Several times when scuba diving my buddy and I will stay in our wetsuits and either walk to the concession stand or drive to a fast food place. The looks we get (especially from other guys) are pretty humorous with most of them approving. The older I get the braver I am going out in public suited up.  

I don't often go out in public in my full rubber gear but I certainly have worn it during parties and fetish events that are semi-public.  Also ridden in a few ubers/lyfts fully suited up.  One thing I've always noticed for me is I'm usually a relatively confident person but when I gear up my confidence goes into high gear.

I do , but not offensive , we have nothing but fetch on our mind but those who ave no idea what it is about , hmmmmmm i wear thin rain or nylon to cover but when it rains you can see the rubber if you want ..............


well I guess I have to add to that and say wearing some latex underwear or pvc shorts under daily work clothing can be quite relaxing....I say go with the flow and whatever takes your groove GET INTO  GEAR!!

Many years ago I was diving in gravel pit / sailing club and at lunchtime four of us walked to the local cafe for lunch and back to the pit. More recently I have walked to the Hoist (now closed) for their rubber events in catsuit rubber thigh high DM boots and a leather overcoat.

It’s really fun wearing rubber under normal clothes, trying to take off the clothes and showing the rubber in public.


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