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Gallery Passwords

Could we have the ability to add a password to a photo gallery?


Yes that would be awesome just like the Original GF site 

I would definitely post more if I could control who is able to see it ;-)


Disclaimer: I am not a mod or admin here at GFX.

You can set an album to be viewable only by your friends.  All of your friends can view an album that's set this way, though.


On desktop, here is how you can do it, when you're creating a new album:

1. Go here

2.  Fill in the title of the album

3.  Scroll down to where it says "Allow Viewing Album To" and set it to "Friends".

4.  Hit "Submit".

5.  After a second, you will be at the screen where you can upload photos like normal.


If you already have an album with photos in it, you can set it to be viewable only by your friends.  On desktop:

1.  Go here

2.  Click on the title, only, of the album you want to change.  Clicking on the photo won't take you to the right place.

3.  You will see a lozenge at the top right that says "Main v".  Click on that to get a menu; select "Edit album".

4.  Scroll down to where it says "Allow Viewing Album To" and set it to "Friends".

5.  Hit "Submit".

6.  It should say "Album info was saved successfully."  The lozenge at the top right will say "Edit album v"; you can click on that and select "Main" to go back to the main page for that album.


There's also an option to set albums viewable to "faves only"; I assume that would only be visible to people whose profile you have faved.  I've never tried this, though.


Trivia: GFX runs on a "social networking site in a can" product called BoonEx Dolphin.  I did a little Googling and I don't think Dolphin has this function natively.  You can get (buy?) plugins for it that give you password-protected photos, but that would be something that julian would have to do; a regular user couldn't do it themselves.


yes please