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How did it start?

What was your first experience in rubber like? Mine was back when I took scuba classes. The classroom was in the same room where the rental suits were hung and the smell of neoprene was exhilarating to me!  We got to take our suits home with us on Wednesday (class day) before the weekend of our open waters. The suits were a sharkskin neoprene with beavertail jackets. I slept in it the first night...well tried to sleep! Any time I was home from work I had it all on, the suit/boots/hood and gloves along with a MAJOR hard-on! Just a little rubbing made me cum. And then the first day of our open waters I noticed a few of the other guys also had major bulges under their rubber. Loved it!   

That’s interesting, I’m not entirely sure how my interests all started exactly? I always thought I was different from an early age though. I guess it all started with inflatable toys though. I loved them from a tactile perspective because they were soft, highly glossy and squeaked when played with especially when wet. A bit later it was balloons, my early teen years I had developed a thing for life jackets- especially those horse collar style BC vests. By my late teens I was latex aware, but it would be my early twenties before I purchased my first latex rubber catsuit and soon afterwards I really got the taste for divegear especially those heavy vulcanised rubber drysuits by Avon and Viking and total enclosure. To this day I still make use of all of the above and love getting dressed up head to toe fully in my gear and chatting with others into heavy gear too.

My first real experience wasn't until I'd already discovered a lot of my gear fetish(es).  Originally I just liked seeing a hot dude in anything tight fitting (obviously) but I didn't understand the actual draw of rubber until my first time attending IML.  I was down in the market looking at all the guys and hot gear when one someone from one of the vendors grabbed me ripped off my shirt and put me in some Invincible Rubber gear....  Once I had slid myself into that tight fitting, lubed up, rubber tank it all made sense as to why so many guys were hardcore into it...  From that day forward I'd be a rubber pig for life!

Still waiting for my first full rubber experience. 
Can anyone help me out?
I have been fantasizing about it since I was 6 years old. NO Joke! 

I've had a curiosity with gear as are back as I can remember, from a young age I was always drawn to wellington boots, helmets, and heavy sports gear like hockey goalies and American football. I signed up for the latter just so I could get all geared up and lay there taking it in.  Damn I really need to get a set of football pads again.


So I was at a friend's house and we were playing on his trampoline. Just messing around doing whatever teenagers did. His brother came out wearing shoulder pads cause he got got into football. So all three of us played together for a little bit and his brother eventually takes the pads off because he got too hot. Well after an hour, his brother went inside but left the pads out. This sparked a conversation between me and my friend and he asked me if I ever played football before. I answered no. So he told me he was going to teach me how to play the game a little. He told me to put the shoulder pads on. I didn't because I didn't think it was necessary and I thought it was weird putting on someone else's stuff. A few seconds later and he is making me get on my knees and he lowered them over my head and rest of them on my shoulders. He then strapped me and super tight. Needless to say, an overwhelming surge went through my body and I had the biggest hard-on I'd ever had. Though luckily my junk was facing upward so it wasn't visible. He told me to get up and then he shoved me on the ground. Learned how to tackle that day. He also taught me how to throw a football (kind of......). Our night of training ends and about a month later, I am at his house right before he is about to leave on a trip to Tennessee and his grandpa is getting ready to pick him up. Well, I wasn't supposed to be there because it was just supposed to be him at his house getting ready for the trip. Well, his Grandpa got there early and I had to hide in the closet. After about an hour, my friend and his grandpa leave and he texts me to wait about 20 minutes and then I can leave the house. Well, guess what I did! In those 20 minutes I went to his brothers room and I put on his pads. Went to the bathroom to a couple of pictures and rubbed myself. Took them off and left. Ever since then, even a close sight of a football player immediately gives me an erection.

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