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How much leather gear do you have, and how much do

How much leather gear do you have, and how much do you aspire to have?


Personally, my own biker gear collection currently runs to 14 leather jackets, 13 pairs of leather trousers, 1 pair of leather salopettes, 4 helmets, 4 pairs of boots and 4 pairs of gloves.  I need to balance those numbers out a bit, but the leathers excite me more than the 'peripherals' and as I favour older 1980s/90s style leathers I figure that I've been stocking up while they are still reasonably easy to obtain.


As to how much gear I'd like to have, I'm probably a bit OCD as a collector because (space and resources permitting) there is literally no limit to how many sets of my favourite style of leathers I'd like.  I love the idea of long rows of identical black leathers hanging up ready to be used and abused.  Mess one set up and just strip them off and pull on an identical replacement.   Also, the thought of using them as movie costumes for an army of expendable leather-clad bad guys to be destroyed in stunts and shootouts gets me going. That said, storage is already becoming an issue.

This is sad. I have a problem only an A.A. like group can help.

6 jackets

8  (one in the mail) so 9, one and two piece motorcycle/street luge race suits.

9 pants

sleep sack

couple hoods

restraints few sets (you know leg/arms)

jock (only one)

one gag  

one straight jacket  (well no sorry its latex)

kinda know now why space is at a premium . if you include apx 130pr shoes , 8pr moto-x boots, 5pr lace-up boots,

then we got gloves , helmets , camo gear , 

sport gear , dive gear , surprised  Oh don't forget the leather hood!

Want list is long...……………..How much should a person have before you are taken for a 7day evaluation?

Nevertheless , we all want more , or at least I do. It's going to be a hell of an estate sale!  

Thank you Morovich , smile  For letting me remember I am not alone. And full.  Could move , build , I know one of those storage sheds -

should be heated. an old panel truck could work--but no would have to start to heat. The car don't need to be in garage...….





That's quite a collection Fetgeared, my storage troubles pale in comparison!  At the moment I keep most of my gear underneath beds, but its not ideal. Previously I had a lot of it hanging up in a small walk-in wardrobe but they weighed so much the rail buckled...

How much leather gear?  Not enough.  Gear in general....I mean most people would say I've got a problem; but I don't see it as a problem at all!  ;)

I'd love to have some more leather gear but when it comes to gear I always want the very best.  The problem is when you combine "very best" and "leather" it tends to come with a hefty price tag.

Right now the one thing that I don't have that I really should is a full leather race suit.  I've always had an appreciation for a guy on a crotch rocket suited in full leathers...

Great question, cause I might not be able to answer. Too much boxed up and in the closet due to space limitations in the closet. That being said, I have a few used motorcycle race suits I’d like to sell. They would fit about 5’10” and 160# ideally. I’d also be interested in obtaining a leather hood, but a good one, not a Chinese or Pakistan made one that will split apart. Cheers!

 Ahh yes the great (gear) storage debacle...  If anyone ever solves the debacle please let me know what the solution is.  haha

... "Too much boxed up and in the closet due to space limitations in the closet."


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