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How're you coping?

Hey, I thought I'd check in with the community during this difficult time. I was going to just log on and message a friend and update, but thought it'd be nicer to open a discussion and ask everybody how they're doing/coping.

I went grocery shopping with my sister last weekend, and it turned out to be pretty difficult, they were bringing out toilet rolls, and when my sister asked the guy if they had any smaller packs, he said no.. which sucked because we walked around for a while and a couple went by and muttered something, acted as if we're doing wrong by getting such a big pack of rolls, then when my sister took my nephew to the toilet, 3 guys went past and made a joke about me standing guard over the toilet rolls :/ on the way to the checkout we noticed more were being brought out, and it turned out that they did have smaller packs.

Yesterday I did shopping twice. I went in the morning and got some stuff for myself, my mum, and my nan, and then in the evening, because it was Friday, I went shopping with my sister again, it's unbelievable how empty the shelves are in the supermarket :( I managed to get some more supplies for my mum and nan, but there was no milk, there was some bread but only things like hot dog buns, and nothing in the tin aisle... I took my nans shopping down the road to her house for her, she offered to give me an extra £5 on top of her shopping money, I said no, then she kept saying "go on, you never take money, are you sure?" etc... then she pestered me once more as I left so I just took it, because it may come in handy.

That's my experience with it all so far... I hope you're all coping well and have enough supplies xo