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I was never a member over at but I'm guessing some of the people on GFX were.  What sorts of things did you like about JUGIJ that we could maybe consider replicating over here at GearFetishX?

There was stuff I liked, and stuff I didn't like. Also I have come to realise that jeans lovers, while they have this particular fetish in common, can differ in many ways.


I can only speak for myself. I like: showing off in tight jeans; seeing other guys in tight jeans; and (all too rare) sexual "foreplay" with jeans on.I put "foreplay" in quotes because I enjoy this just as much as what people refer to as "the actual sex".

I realise I did not actually answer NewdDawg's question. What to implement? Just a discussion forum, really, similar to the fora dedicated to leather, rubber and other fetishes. There's no need for a photos section, because GFX members already have their own photo galleries allocated.

Was the site primarily a forum with some profiles and picture galleries mixed in?  There weren't any super unique features that the site had that we don't have in some capacity already was there?

Have a look at the site Follow the link marked "Community/Galleries".

Basically the JUGIJ site was just like that, except for jeans rather than underwear. It even used the same vBulletin interface.

There were some extra links but I can't remember them all now, I think they were mostly links to pictures of guys in jeans on other sites. I didn't use them, because I was much more interested in seeing pics posted by members who I could actually talk to.

I'm not suggesting you need lots of forum subsections like the USG site has. They are probably necessary there, because of all the different styles of underwear and swimwear.


I was on that site myself as 'jeansandshirt', and used to like what it offered: photos, users' galleries and a forum. The usability and security was poor though, and the site got hacked so badly in August, the site admin took it offline..

He has since posted some of the content into a Tumblr account. Whether or not he has permission to do that by the image owners, I don't know, but I doubt it. I myself have not posted anything on there as Tumblr is owned by Oath who own Yahoo. I would not want my images hosted by such a huge corporation. Independent fetish sites such as this are far better in my view.

The actions lately by Tumblr, Facebook, and the like remind us why we need to remain in control of our own content...

..."Independent fetish sites such as this are far better in my view."


I've noticed on Tumblr (owned by Oath), that the TheJeansClub account is empty. He must have had complaints as most postings there were not his original work.

There is another account called guysinjeans2019 but it's not the same.

I am the creator of also GuysNJeans and finally TheJeansClub now at I paid the total bill for all of it back then and ran it all by myself too. Robert from GuysInJeans&Denim helped for a while.  Looking back, it was so long ago and still that URL gets mentioned. Hey jeansguyoz, still at it I see. Tumblr was not yet started then but when it was there would be no point continuing with JustUsGuysIntoJeans. No way I wanted to compete with that so I joined it. The server provider I was using at that time was called NetNation. I had lots of disc space but ever picture posted used picture files and they charged lots for that. Net Nation assigned my site to a very old server then that had little traffic and would not count picture files so I ran up a lot of picture files. I exceeded my limit ten time over. Then one day they realize this and all hell happened. Yeah, the site is long gone but not all the thousand of jeans pics still left on a hard drive. I'm using them up posting them on newtumble site & erase these files from my hard drive as I do. When they are gone they are gone. 

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