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Original Content vs. Web Content

I know there are several different view points between GFX members on whether only original content should be allowed or if members can upload content that is found on the web (as long as it fits the broad definition of "Gear Fetish".)  Together lets lay out all the pros and cons of allowing non-original content.  I don't think there is any debate about the original content as long as it is relevant to the site.


     • Safe Space for Tumblr Refugees

     • Provides much needed content for the site to help in its growth


     • Copyright Infringement (Commercial or Personal)

     • Clogs up "New Photos" Feed


As the discussion continues I will update this original post with the pros/cons of non-original content.

Here's a list of reasons why we should stick with original content.

- Many members from the original GF and tumblr don't show their face anymore, but still upload content that includes their body/gear, I find it in poor taste that certain members upload images with people's faces against their wishes, and certain people who aren't members here don't really get a say, because they're not here and it's out of their control.

- It feels like spam. Most recently, somebody uploaded 25 pages worth of tumblr images, it's annoying, certain people who come here are looking for meetups too which brings me to the third on the list.

- People don't know who they're talking to, I know a lot comment on others photo's with "hot" or "nice pics" and it's not really that person in the image they're commenting on, it happens on many sites.

- People may distance themselves from the site, If I were a new member and I came here and saw 25 pages of tumblr images, I'd probably leave and think "nah, this site doesn't have members, it's just a bunch of dude sharing pics they found online"

I can understand people wanting to share the things their into, but original content is the way to go, that way it won't confuse anybody, plus people can share images in chat and on the forums anyway.

I guess the basic question is, "What should GFX be?"  Should it be just like old GF?  Should it be Tumblr (before it was shut down)?  Should it be Grindr?  Should it be something else?  I don't personally think it can be all of these things, or at least that it can't do a good job of being all of these things.

To NewdDawg's existing points:

> Safe Space for Tumblr Refugees

I understand the idea, but I don't like the phrase.  To me, a "safe space" is for people who are getting bashed because of who they are, or whose families can't accept who they are, and things like that.  A "refugee" is somebody who bailed out of their country because there's a war there, or drug gangs shooting everybody, or a big natural disaster, and walking across the border with the clothes on their back seems like a better option.

I don't think that losing a place to post porn online is on the same level as either of those situations.

> Provides much needed content for the site to help in its growth

If your metric for "growth" is "site has a lot of pictures", then I guess you want to be Tumblr.  I feel like there's a "quality over quantity" argument to be made here, though.

Before maybe about 2005, and definitely before about 2000, some kinds of kink were rare enough online that if you found it, you posted it or reposted it; the sites didn't care that much if the content was original or not, because there was so little of it around.  From looking at what little archives there are of old GF, I'm pretty sure it was like this too in the early days; it accepted both "found" images, and original images made by GF members.

I feel like those days are over, now, though - if you just want to see random images of whatever kink, there are plenty of places to find them.  If you want to see original images or videos, made by people who aren't actors, that's maybe a little bit harder to find; i think that's what GFX and similar sites should concentrate on.  (By the time I joined GF, in about 2010, their policy was to only accept original images made by members.)

> Copyright Infringement (Commercial or Personal)

I am not a lawyer, but I don't think there's really any difference, legally.  Practically, there is a difference, because individual people probably won't get a lawyer or make DMCA requests, and companies might.  One thing that inadvertently helps a little is that most commercial porn sites don't seem to care that much about copyright, or at least they don't care about it once their content is not very old.  But if they did decide to care, suddenly the GFX admins have to go through 32,000 images at once.

> Clogs up "New Photos" Feed

I agree that this is a con.  Some of that could be mitigated by different site design (for example: only post the most recent 3 or 4 photos from each member in "New Photos", and then have a link like "See 6 more new photos from John Doe"), but you're probably constrained by what Dolphin allows you to do.

I also agree with butts12567's points: it feels like spam; it hinders using the site for hookups; people don't know who they're talking to; it may turn off new members or potential members.

New con:

If GFX is going to allow random porn dumps, eventually somebody is going to dump something illegal.  I don't mean "not my kink", or "squicky", or even "wouldn't be acceptable in some highly religious country".  I mean flat-out illegal in the USA or Canada (where the server is), to where if anyone complains, or the 5-0 see it, the server gets pulled out of the rack and the admins suddenly require legal counsel.  This is a big part of why Tumblr went away.

New point, not sure if pro or con:

If you do decide to have mostly or only original content, somebody has to be in charge of deciding what is allowed.  Once you state the policy, it's easy to implement it for new uploads.  You can either allow new uploads to become visible immediately (the way it is now), and then the admins review them all later and maybe move or delete some, OR you have new uploads go into an approval queue, and then the admins say yes or no to allowing each one to be visible (this is how old GF worked). For images that are already on the site, you can either do nothing, or the admins can go through them all and move or delete them.

On old GF, the site owner could do approvals of new uploads, and it also had at least one (and maybe two) paid, part-time employees, whose job it was to do approvals.  Depending on how much time the GFX admins have to spend on the site, having an "original only" policy may require additional admins, to get photos approved in a somewhat-timely manner.


I agree with butts and SomeRandomGuy, they have expressed it as well as I could.

I'd like posted images to be original content only, and I'd expect that people depicted should only be of the member posting them, or someone who has explicitly given consent for their image to be posted by that member - even though that may be difficult to enforce. If I converse with someone in chat or post a comment on their profile, I want to get an idea who I am talking to. If there is a need for general interest images that are not original - and I don't think there is a need, but if there is - then have a separate section that is not part of someone's profile. Call it "Interesting images from the internet" or something like that.


I have almost given up browsing the images on the timeline, because I so often find myself trawling through dozens of images that are obviously not even of the member, not to mention those members that post ten near-identical photos of themselves in some gear, when one or two would be enough to lshow us and let us appreciate. This is one of those cases where less is more.

I'm glad I'm not the only one participating in this thread haha.

I think the phrases are ok? if I'm not mistaken, refugee can mean someone from a place that is no longer there? and safe space is fine too, space or place that people can post their content without worrying about it being NSFW or not, I don't think people should read into it so much.

The old phrase, "quality vs. quantity" comes to mind here.

While I'm not saying go to the extensive levels that BLUF does (, they seem to have developed a system that weeds out what they DON'T want their site to become. In other words, they don't give a rat's ass about providing "safe spaces" for anyone but what they have set out on a mission to create. And that's THEIR choice and it obviously works for them.

QUALITY vs. QUANTITY. Just like sex! :-)

Welp, dvssneax has flooded another 5 pages :/

I didn't realize people were posting other's face pics, that's pretty bad form... although I have posted one pic to a group that wasn't of me... it was a gasmask and drysuit pic with the eyes showing but not the whole face. Is that offside? I figured it was a pretty anonymous pic and I just liked the gear on display but perhaps I should reconsider that approach?


One other thing about the pics feeds is that there's not that many gear pictures relative to nongear pics and overall that's less compelling to my own interests.  Am I just being a snob and gatekeeper what "gear fetish" is?  I'm not about to tell people what or what not to post but I know I'm less inclined to come back for jeans and shoes.

Requesting quotes be done a little bit better than just slanting the text haha.

Yeah, @Geakboi, there's so many different things that are considered a fetish these days. Shoes and Jeans I guess can be gear because... hmmm, I guess it'd be something you don't wear in your day to day life I suppose? I love skate shoes, but I wouldn't wear them out or whatever (and don't have any haha) there use to be one guy on the old GF that would upload images of what he had done to bread haha.

Anyway, when I think the word "profile" I personally think of a page with information about said person, and images of said person, not a gallery of images somebody found on the internet, If I go through recon, I wouldn't bother interacting with somebody who doesn't have their own pics, same with reddit, twitter, etc.


If I were to be told that jeans were not considered "gear" then I'm afraid i would be out of here. I'm much more likely to seek out pics of guys in jeans than in gasmasks or Hazmat suits.

If someone else doesn't find my fetish in teresting, they have to accept the possibility that I might not find theirs interesting either. Just saying.