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Who is into socks here?

Just out of curiosity, who is into socks here?

What country are you from?


What kind of socks are your favorite?

What do you like doing with socks?


Nikeman here, I am from the United States. Socks are just part of my interest.  For me, they need to be worn with a sexy pair of boots or sneakers! :)  My favorite socks would have to be the NFL football socks.  I love seeing them with cleats and a nice tight pair of football pants.  I love wearing them around the house, but would love a friend to play with them. :)

heavy work socks yes

47 yrs old.. from the States..


Anything masculine/ over the calf.


depends on whats worn and who is around when I do..

I'd have to admit I've got a think for socks as well.  While some sneaker guys are into the look of a no show sock I'm the opposite.  I love to see a short sock sticking out the top of a set of sexy sneakers on an even sexier dude! i love to wear long socks

I love all kinds of socks, tights, etc. In Mesa, AZ and love the look/feel of everything from cotton to sheer. Sock bondage/hypnosis are my big fetishes.

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