As many users know we have been planning on updating the chat platform for quite some time now to address some ongoing issues.  This update has finally been completed but due to the fact that we jumped so many versions (0.54.2) -> (0.74.0) there was no easy upgrade path to import all the old data.

A decision was made to not spend the extra time importing this data as the process would be tedious and time consuming and for the majority of users would not be an issue.  That said we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.  This is one of those growing pains we have to endure from time-to-time as GFX continues to grow and evolve.

We had been on a slow-release (dolphin) channel for the chat platform but with this update we will be on a more mainstream stable release channel.  This will allow us to more rapidly deploy updates and will allow everyone to take advantage of the new features and improvements in chat as they become available.

If you do experience any issues with the new chat system please reach out to us and let us know.  We want your feedback!

We also just want to thank everyone for their continued support and patience.

Changelog - 2019-02-06



  • The chat system was upgraded from version 0.54.2 to 0.74.0.
  • The chat server was rebuilt from the ground up and with the rebuild it should be much easier to stay on the current release.
  • The problems some users were having using the Rocket.Chat client on iOS and Android should be resolved.  If you are still running the Rocket.Chat Legacy app you may now update to the current version available in the Apple App Store and Google Play stores.
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