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Trapped in Scuba Gear Part 5, Chapter 4


Kyle had a question for Tom: "Looks like you're wearing a bunch of tech. Can you radio anyone and tell them what's going on?"


Tom shook his head, "No, I lost connection before I got halfway down here and haven't connected since."


Kyle pointed to Tom's visor, "You know, you don't need them right now; you can take your ... night-vision? ... goggles off now."


Tom hesitated, "Um, I prefer to keep them on."


Kyle shrugged, "Suit yourself. So you think I should put my drysuit on first."


Tom nodded. "Let's go do that." They went through both doors, and into the entrace room, closing each door behind them.


Kyle got his drysuit from a hook on the wall. It was bright orange with hood and black boots attached. It had black kneepads, and a big black zipper going from the middle of the back, through the crotch, and to the front of the suit. [seriously, this is an actual thing; look up Poseidon Unisuit]


Kyle started taking off his shoes and explaining as he slipped his feet into the legs. "When you came here I was looking to see if I could stop the leak from inside, but I haven't been able to find a place where I could patch it."


Kyle was having a bit of trouble getting his foot into the boot, so Tom held onto it for him as he put his foot in.


"I think it might have to be patched from the outside." said Kyle "Do you know anything about underwater welding?"


Tom had read a section about it in his books, and had seen the other class do it; but it hadn't been part of his training.


"In theory, yes." said Tom.


"Good, you know more than me," said Kyle as Tom helped him get the other foot into the boot. Kyle didn't say anything as he put his arms and head into the suit and Tom helped him get through the neck seal and wrist seal. "I think you're the best option go into the water and try to patch it."


"I wouldn't know where to look." objected Tom.


"We have these simple waterproof wireless tablets." said Kyle, "Take one; I'll message you and try to get you as close as possible to where I think it its. Now help me with the zipper."


Tom started with the heavy zipper in the back, down through the crotch and up through the front. Tom was pretty sure he felt that Kyle was hard as be brushed against his cock. "Hopefully Kyle didn't notice that i lingered a little too long." Tom thought.


"Thanks I can get the rest of the suit myself," Kyle said "You'll take this welding equipment with you, including the tablet. Take this toolkit too. This is the power supply. It stays in here."


Tom carried what he needed to the entrance of the water. "Here goes."

 Tom slipped into the water.



As Tom swam through the water, Kyle used his tablet to direct him. After finding a pipe that connected one part of the habitat to another, Tom got a message on the tablet: "CORRECT LOCATION NOW? SEE ANYTHING?"






Tom took a wrench from the toolkit and tightened the screw with all his strength. Then he wrote "THAT WORK?"


Kyle wrote back "SLOWING DOWN." and soon "YES. STOPPED. COME BACK"


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