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Tom couldn't think of anything else, so he put the fins, jacket and pants, and rubber boots into the backpack and headed toward the door. Then some diving knives on a shelf caught his eye.   "If I'm going to be diving in open water, taking one of those is
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As the days passed, Tom spent his days following the training program, and doing his own research on nanotech. He knew that his Internet was monitored, and that someone might be able to see whatever he sees on his visor, so he decided to see how far he cou
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The short nurse replied "Wetsuit shorts. They're like a wetsuit but just shorts."   "Ah. Makes sense." replied Mr. Dreidger "Put them on."   Tom put them on and felt a bit less awkward.   "Here's what going to happen" said Mr Dreidger, while counting thing
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Trapped in Goalie Gear, Part 3
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