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"What do you want to do?" Asked Blair, "My hockey pants don't have a zipper in the back like yours do." "Want to suck me?" suggested Mike. "Ah yeah, right through the bars of my goalie helmet!" said Blair excitedly. Mike slid his underlayer and jock down o
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Blair was checking his dating profile to see if anyone had responded to his ad. His ad said Straight White Male 21. One of him profile pictures had him in a Canucks jersey, just because he was a fan of the team. Someone had replied to him: "Hey man, hot ph
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You don't have to had read parts 1 and 2 to enjoy this. Content warning: this contains a scene that may be disturbing to males that are sensitive about their manhood.     Jacob checked out the profiles on hockeygoaliegearfetish.com. He loved checking out t
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Trapped in Goalie Gear, Part 3
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