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Are you liking Trapped in Scuba Gear?
I'd like to get feedback again about how my readers feel about direction for my stories.
Do you like where Trapped in Scuba Gear is going?

1. Yes, continue with the current storyline.

2. I want to read new Trapped in Goalie Gear instead


And what should it focus on?

A. More sci-fi/fantastic elements.

B. More character development/dialogue

C. More sex scenes

D. More about gear/sports.

E. Good how it is

slinkysquirrel 28.07.2019 3 135
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  •  kisatsu: 
    A, i need in scifi thigy

    keep this story running and need BDSM at least
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  •  ScubaRobb: 
    As someone who dreams of being trapped in scuba gear, PLEASE continue on with the story!
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  •  Gearedtoplay: 
    I enjoy both blogs. Of course anything with Jockstraps, Sports, or Gear gets me going.
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28.07.2019 (205 days ago)
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