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Trapped in Scuba Gear, Part 5, Chapter 6

"I'll take from your silence that you don't have any more ideas." said Tom, still with his head in the cabinet looking at components. "What about those wireless tablets, can they send a message to the surface?"


"Even shorter range than the sub," Kyle shook his head, "What about taking the sub though?"


Tom thought for a second, "If the military thinks we're an enemy and we can't communicate with them, the sub might get shot down. Also, remember that the sub would be pressurized to this depth. Quickly going to a lower pressure would give use decompression sickness. We'd be sitting ducks for a long time. Putting us and the other scientists at risk ... wait ... the other scientists; we talked to them through the intercom. You said the console for the radio sparked. The radio transmitter is probably fine. If we patch the console for the intercom into the transmitter for the radio, it just might work. Worth a try."


"That's .. actually a pretty good idea." said Kyle.


"Ok, open the cabinet for the intercom and start bringing out the cables." said Tom.


As they worked at patching the two systems together, they found that some one the cables weren't long enough; soon they were taking unused cables and twisting the wires together under Tom's direction. It was tedious, so they got to talking. While Tom was talking he kept on looking at the crotch of Kyle's bright orange drysuit. Tom's cock was getting bigger, so much that it had to have been noticeable under the wetsuit shorts. Tom had to pull at the wetsuit shorts just to get his cock in a comfortable position again.


"If your shorts are uncomfortable, why don't you just take them off?" asked Kyle.


"It's ... um ... not ... ... decent." stuttered Tom.


"Whatever. I've seen plenty of pee valves on wetsuits." said Kyle.


They both went back to work. Tom had to adjust his cock inside his wetsuit shorts a couple more times. And he was pretty sure he saw Kyle adjusting his inside his drysuit.


Eventually the work was done. It would be audio-only, sent on the original frequency, so hopefully Sgt Sweet's radio would pick it up.


Tom spoke into the intercom-now-radio "Thomas speaking from deep sea base. Duress code was sent in error. Condition is now stable but need technicians for assistance."


Sgt Sweet's voice came in on the radio "Is that you Tom? I'll try to inform people that the duress code was in error, but to verify that it's you and you're not under duress, tell me something that only you and I would know the correct answer to."


"We first met in room 115 at 0900 hours." said Tom.


"Confirmed." said Sgt. Sweet "Sending out a change in the alert."


After a bit more back and forth to clarify the situation, and a second confirmation by Kyle, Tom was done with the radio.


"So we just wait now?" asked Kyle.


"Well, we have to keep an eye on the repair, but I can see the water level in here is still going down slowly. We kind of wrecked the intercom so we can't tell the other scientists what's happening, but we have an unverified repair and they're safe for now." Tom just closed his eyes, leaned way back in his chair, exhaled and opened his eyes. Kyle's orange drysuited body was still standing next to the chair. Tom's cock twitched very obviously inside the wetsuit shorts; there was no hiding it.

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