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Trapped in Scuba Gear Part 5, Chapter 7

"Aw, fuck it!" said Kyle with resolve "I've just got to help you with that. You want to rub one out?"


"I do," replied Tom. He thought about it. His visor had been giving the Connection Lost message since halfway down. Any rescuers would certainly be heard opening the two metal doors. Same with the scientists, if they even decided to check things out without hearing anything. He'd been horny since he put the drysuit on Kyle and needed some relief. "I definitely do."


Kyle put his gloved hand on Tom's wetsuited belly and slid his hand under the waistline of Tom's shorts. He pulled Tom's penis straight up and down under the shorts and started rolling Tom's rubber-covered penis between his thumb and forefinger "Nice pee valve."


"Thanks" said Tom, which was all he could think to say to that. "I like your suit too." With his closer arm, he touched Kyle's drysuit until he had his hand over Kyle's bulge.


"Yeah, I could tell." said Kyle "You want to give me some relief too?" as he took he hand away from Tom to pull the drysuit's black zipper down to the bottom of the crotch.


"For sure!" exclaimed Tom. "Ever since I saw you."


The opening in the zipper just revealed Kyle's blue jumpsuit, but fortunately, the jumpsuit also had a relief zipper, which Kyle unzipped. Now Kyle's erect penis was sticking out of the drysuit. "You want this?" asked Kyle.


"Yes sir" barked Tom.


"Good boy" praised Kyle.


Tom held Kyle's dick in one hand and felt Kyle's suited rear end with the other. He gave Kyle's penis a few quick licks and said "Let's make things interesting."


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