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Trapped in Scuba Gear Part 5, Chapter 8

Tom gave Kyle's dick some tugs, then slowly ran his rubbery hand over Kyle's dick. "Oh that feels so nice." said Kyle softly.


Kyle reached for Tom's dick and squeezed. "Oh, this isn't a pee valve?"


"It's ... a form-fitting suit." said Tom.


"Whatever it is, it's lovely," said Kyle.


Kyle gave Tom's dick a gentle like. "Ahhh yes" exhaled Tom as Tom got harder.


"Still sensitive." said Kyle "Amazing."


Kyle took Tom's dick in his hand and they were both stroking each other's dicks. Tom stood up. He embraced Kyle, tightly holding their two rubbery bodies against each other. They lost their footing a bit on the slippery floor, but they were both pretty agile so they fell on the floor without any injury. The water had mostly receded so they were splashing around maybe an inch of water. They both were on their backs. They laughed and turned to each other. They had landed facing opposite directions so they were close to where they could suck each other's dicks at the same time. They moved into the position. Kyle sucking Tom's rubbery dick and Tom sucking Kyle's.


Kyle stopped for a second "I want you inside me"


Tom was even more excited "Oh yes."


Kyle got on all fours. The zipper in his drysuit was long enough to provide access to his asshole, but the jumpsuit underneath didn't have access.


"Just rip it" said Kyle.


Tom grabbed the fabric jumpsuit with both hands and ripped a new hole. He moved into position...


The radio crackled to life. "Tom, are you still there?"


"Sorry, I gotta take this." apologized Tom.


"Of course." said Kyle.


Tom got up, composed himself, and pressed the Talk button on the radio. "Tom here."


"I need to talk to you in private. Is that doable?" ask Sgt. Sweet over the radio.


Tom looked over to Kyle. Kyle said "Yeah, for sure, understandable." and Kyle started walking toward the door.


Tom pressed the Talk button, and said "Yes, just a second."


Kyle opened the exit door, turned back, and said "I really did like you."


Tom was puzzled, "What does that mea--" "Clang!" and the door closed.

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