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Trapped in Scuba Gear, Part 6, Chapter 1

"I'm ... what happened?" Tom's thoughts swirled as he regained consciousness. "Oh. Right. I am so screwed."


Tom took stock of his situation. He was in a bed. He looked around; he was still seeing through the visor in his suit. He felt around the rest of his body; still wearing the rest of his suit, with gloves and booties. His wetsuit shorts weren't on him any more. Penis... still covered in the same rubber as the rest of his body. Morning wood, but that's normal.


His hands came across a tube inserted into his shoulder. He looked up to where it led. An IV stand and bag. "I'm in a hospital." He thought.


Someone Tom hadn't seen before walked through a curtain into his room, and looked at the IV bag. "Oh, you're awake." He was wearing green scrubs, and a belt with some electronic thing on the side. He took a clipboard from a pocket at the foot of Tom's bed and looked it over.


Tom tried to talk "kuh hhh" but his throat was dry.


"Let me get you some water." and he filled up a disposable cup from a sink. "Here, drink." and Tom sipped the water.


"Who are you? Where am I?" Tom asked.


"I'm Dr. Farquharson, and you're in the sickbay of the USS Constant."


"Why am I in sickbay?" asked Tom.


"I was going to ask you a similar question. Are you on any medications or are there any toxins you might have been exposed to?"


"No, and I ... don't think so. Why?"


"You were presenting unconscious but we didn't find anything wrong medically besides, well, the fact that you were unconscious. According the the information Dr. Conrad allowed us to see, your cybernetics were fine and not contributing to the problem."


Tom thought back to how he felt more and more dizzy and sick to his stomach as he had realized how screwed he was. "No. No idea" he lied. Then thought to himself. "Interesting that Dr. Conrad tells other doctors what they're allowed to view, though."


"We also checked Jayden to see if there was some issue in common but he was perfectly fine."


"Sorry, who?" asked Tom, genuinely puzzled.


"Man you came along with, also was on the station. About your age. Blond hair." said Dr. Farquharson.


Tom puzzled this over and came to a realization. 'Kyle' was wasn't his real name. Jayden was an actor. Everything that Sgt. Sweet had showed Tom on his phone before was part of the scenario, arranged well in advance. That might have even been a slip up by Dr. Farquharson just now, and Tom wasn't supposed to learn "Kyle's" real name. "Oh yes, of course. I remember now." said Tom.


"Ah, well good then. Any other questions?" asked Dr. Farquharson.

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