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Trapped in Scuba Gear, Part 6, Chapter 10

"I was wondering if you have any suggestions on things to check out, sir."


"You have the day off, so maybe the gym, or one of the lounges. I'm still trying to find someone to give you a tour so just don't get in anybody's way until then."


"Ok, thank you sir," said Tom, "Over."


Tom decided to check out the gym. "Maybe if I wore myself out, I could get some sleep." he thought. He opened the emergency procedures manual to the map. There were multiple gyms too. Tom picked one nearby.


It was small but not busy and contained typical exercise equipment; the treadmill, weight station and such. Tom chose to run on the treadmill. He chose to take off his camo jacket and pants but left the wetsuit shorts over his suit in case someone decided to notice his appearance. He ran until sweat was dripping from his face. And only his face. He was, of course, physically incapable of sweating anywhere else. The backpack was trying to do something to regulate Tom's temperature but could only do so much.


Tom lifted some weights in front of the mirror. He felt his muscles with his hand and flexed. Even underneath the synthetic rubber, Tom could tell that his muscles had grown since he started training. Funny thing was, his suit still hugged his body, but didn't seem any tighter. It was like it had been adjusting to better conform to his body.


He put his jacket and pants back on and decided to head back to his quarters. He wished he had a good book to read, but the only choice was the emergency procedures manual. "I'll have to find something better." He thought.


The combination of the exercise and dramamine was so strong, that he fell asleep, face-down, into the manual, with the lights still on.


"Good morning!" Sgt Sweet raised Tom from his slumber. "I have good news. Two of them, actually."


"Good morning sir" Tom was still waking up but knew to say the right thing anyway.


"I found someone who volunteered to give you a tour. Ensign Chapman will give you one this afternoon."


Tom closed his eyes trying to recall some half-remembered fact. He pondered "Ensign Chapman; where have I heard that name before?"

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    Fascinating chapter.
    Wonder from where Tom knows the name ‘Ensign Chapman’?
    What is the second good news?
    What will Tom all see on the tour?
    Hope you update soon again.
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