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Trapped in Scuba Gear, Part 6, Chapter 5

"Can you make any modifications to the suit, like add new features?" asked Tom.


"I don't have the equipment to do that kind of thing. Removing your visor without damaging you or the suit was only possible because Dr. Conrad sent the code to do it; and because removing the visor is easy because the visor is only integrated with the suit, not your body." answered Dr. Farquharson.


"I guess that's all I had to ask about then. Thank you." said Tom.


"See the nurse on the way out about your dramamine prescription." said Dr. Farquharson as he stood up.


"Oh right, so I get a piece of paper with the prescription?"


"No, it's all electronic now." As Dr. Farquharson tapped on his tablet.


"Ah right" said Tom. "Ok, thank you and bye."


Tom opened the door of the examination room and went back to the nurse's station and talked to the same nurse who admitted him. "I'm here to pick up a prescription." he said.


The nurse picked up her tablet and pulled up Tom's file. While she was looking for Tom's prescription, Tom could see that his file was cross-referenced with another file, Jayden Turner.


"Here it is, dramamine. Take a seat." she said.


Tom thought to himself, "Dr. Farquharson let it slip earlier that Jayden was "Kyle's" real name, and I think I've just learned Jayden's last name. It's probably cross-referenced with mine because we came in together, or they were looking for common factors to help diagnose me."


The nurse returned with a pill bottle. "Here you go; take one every 6 hours and it might make you drowsy so don't operate machinery."



Tom walked back to his bunk and went over the visit in his head. "Well, everything the doctor said about the suit meshes with what I read in the spiral-bound technical manual I got."


He took a pill with water and laid down and started thinking. "It's crossed my mind before to just run off and getting the suit removed later. But that seems silly now I know that even with some knowledge about the suit, an outside doctor can't even be sure that they're correctly envisioning the steps to remove the suit without killing me. Dr. Conrad may be the only person who knows enough to create a removal routine. He's gotta be working with some other scientists, right? He can't be doing this all on his own."


He closed his eyes. "Dr. Conrad cared enough about me to expose his work to another doctor's scrutiny when he heard I might be in danger. I've been suspicious of him, but maybe he does actually have my best interests in mind."


"Knock knock!" Sgt Sweet walked in. "It took me a second to realize what you were asking when you asked for camos and boots. You wanted the same camo and boots you had before you dived down. So I went to our storage and got them for you. Also, here's your diving knife."


"Oh wow, thank you sir." said Tom.


"Are you hungry? We could go to the mess hall." asked Sgt. Sweet.


Tom had been feeling an urge to confess what happened in the base since he had been discharged from sickbay.


"Sir, I have something I need to tell you."

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    Awesome chapter.
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