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Well inside the control room, I was again placed on a bench. Immediately came 4 rubber assistants to take me closer look. They loosened elegant my layers of rain gear that was jacket / trousers in several layers and then trouser / jacket. When they came to
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Fantasies from a rainwear slave I This is a dream or a fantasy I've had in a long time. Naturally, it is a fictional story, so all people and events are fictional and fantasy. But I would so like to wish that the experience could be a "fact" within reasona
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For those that may be looking to join a gay hockey league in their area I have compiled a list of resources for you.  You can bookmark this post as I will continue to make changes to it over time. Canada: Alberta https://pioneershockey.ca/ http://www.e
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I've been into heavy gear like motorcycle leathers, dry suits, hazmat, football equipment, heavy rubber and gas masks for the better part of my maturity.  It was an odd kink to arrive at for a straight guy cruising the internet in the late 90's but it is w
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Welcome to the NewdDawgBlawg @ GearFetishX.  In the coming months I will be adding gear and fetish related articles.  Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark the blog!
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