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Trapped in Goalie Gear, Part 2

"What do you want to do?" Asked Blair, "My hockey pants don't have a zipper in the back like yours do."

"Want to suck me?" suggested Mike.

"Ah yeah, right through the bars of my goalie helmet!" said Blair excitedly.

Mike slid his underlayer and jock down out of the way as best he could and let his dick out through the laces of his hockey pants.

"Holy crap I'm hard right now," exclaimed Mike, "it's been so long!"

Blair guided Mike's dick through the bars of the goalie helmet, and gave it a lick, then a kiss, then stopped.

"Something wrong?" asked Mike.

"My chin strap is too tight," said Blair, "I don't think we're going to be able to get it in."

"Oh, right, that actually makes sense," realized Mike as he considered the situation, "Maybe in your cheek, but I don't think that would be very fun."

"Yeah, probably not." said Blair.

"Well, just keep doing the thing where you're licking it" said Mike, "That was great!"

Blair gave Mike's dick licks like a lollipop, then went on to sucking it like a squirt-top water bottle.

"Oh man, you're so good at this," exclaimed Mike, "and the feeling of the helmet bars against my dick is so different!"

Blair stuck his hands into the back of Mike's hockey pants and under Mike's butt, to give him better support and to be more intimate.

Mike put his arms around Blair, and felt Blair's back, all the way from his massive shoulderpads to the backplate of Blairs helmet.

"Oh you look so good in goalie gear!" said Mike passionately.

"And smelling your sweaty jock and pants is unexpectedly exciting to me!" admitted Blair.

"I want to try something different," suggested Mike.

"Yeah, I think so too," said Blair, "Whatever you want to try."

"Ok, lay down," ordered Mike.

Blair laid down on the bed, taking the load of the heavy goalie gear off his shoulders.

"Now," said Mike, as he unlaced Blair's goalie pants, "My dick will be with your dick inside your goalie cup."

Mike faced toward Blair's leg pads, and put his knees on either side of his hips. Then Mike slid his dick into Blair's goalie jock, underneath the waistband, right into the place under the cup where

Blair's dick was.

"This is as intimate as I think I can be with you, both our dicks in the same goalie cup," said Mike sheepishly.

"It's good, I like you down there," said Blair.

The crotch of Mike's hockey pants was almost all that Blair could see. Blair grabbed the outside of Mike's hockey pants. It was a soft, black nylon. Blair felt around the hockey pants, enjoying the feel of

the soft pads and Mike's flexing muscles underneath.

Mike's nose was inches away from the bottom of Blair's leg pads, and from Blair's socks. The smell triggered intense memories of the brief but exciting time with Blair.


Mike kept thrusting his dick inside of Blair's goalie jock. The movement made Blair's dick hard again. Blair started shaking, and then tugging on Mike's hockey pants, enjoying the nylon, the soft pads, and

Mike's muscles underneath.

"Oh yes, keep doing that! That really feels exciting!" said Mike, almost moaning.


The swishing of nylon and soft clunking of pads continued for several more seconds.


"Oh. Here. It. Goesss." moaned Mike, and he shuddered as waves of pleasure went trough him.

Blair felt Mike's warmth spreading through the inside of his own goalie jock.

Mike slid his dick out of Blair's goalie jock, then tucked his dick into his cup and pulled up his jock in one motion, and turned around.


"It'll be in there to remind you of me when you play." said Mike.

"Oh man, that felt great!" said Blair "and still feels great.


"So great, but I need to rest now," yawned Mike.


Mike laid beside Blair, their heads on the same side of the bed now. Mike put his arms around Blair, and Blair put his around Mike, and they feel asleep like that, as close as all the padding would allow.




In the next games, Blair and Mike looked out for each other even more, and their skills improved. One of the "games" even turned out to be a training session on the rink. Even the coach wore hockey pants,

pads, and a full-face helmet.


Blair got to know other players on the team in an intimate way.





Months went by, but then, they actually won, in a close game! Blair's brave goaltending made the difference, but everyone played pretty good, considering they were not professional players. Blair woke up,

alone, in one of the rooms that had the appearance of a hotel room. He still hadn't figured out if these were real hotels or not. This hotel room had one of the speaker and camera setups that he had seen

way back when this started.


There were two open bags, one with the clothes he had worn when this started, and one with a clean set of goalie gear.


"You have won, as per our promise, you are free to go," buzzed the electronically distorted voice from the speakers.


As Blair roused from sleep, he realized, he was naked. Blair stood up and looked at the two bags.


"When you put on your street clothes, you will be returned to your old life. We will never contact you again, and you will never find us or your teammates. Noone will believe you. We have covered all

tracks. In fact, our agents have been using your computer and phone to leave evidence you have never left home."


Blair reached for the bag with his street clothes. and started putting them on. His street clothes felt odd and unfamiliar to him. He felt vulnerable and almost naked.


"Or." the voice continued "You could choose the other bag with the goalie gear and stay..."


"Never see teammates again..." Blair thought to himself.


Blair took off his street clothes again. Then he put on the goalie gear, closed the locks, and secured the snaps.

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  •  Ilikesweat: 
    Great story! To be honest, I'm not sure if I would like this to happpen to me or not (for real, no joke).
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    I NEED more of this trapped in gear involuntary forced to play stories! Love the chaste element of the cup.
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  •  Radx26: 
    This turned out to be so sweet and consensual. Didn't really expect that from a kidnapping story!
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