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Trapped in Goalie Gear, part 3

You don't have to had read parts 1 and 2 to enjoy this. Content warning: this contains a scene that may be disturbing to males that are sensitive about their manhood.



Jacob checked out the profiles on He loved checking out the photos and videos of hockey goalies going at it in full gear, but he didn't have hockey goalie gear of his own.


He got a notification that Coach85 liked his profile. According to Coach85's profile, he had his own goalie gear(with pictures), liked roleplay, and best of all, lived locally. Jacob messaged Coach85.


Jacob: Hey. I like your goalie gear. I've fantasized about getting it on with an actual goalie a lot.

Coach85: I don't actually play, I just really like the gear.

Jacob: Oh, that's ok, I don't play either. I just want to mess around with someone who's in the gear.

Coach85: Like both of us in the gear, or just me? I have a spare set.

Jacob: Wow, that'd be amazing if we could both be in gear. That's my ultimate fantasy, two goalies going at it.

Coach85: One catch, I'm really into gear so the gear stays on. You'd be getting humped in gear.

Jacob: Oh, that's perfect, I'm into the gear staying on too.

Coach85: So your profile says you're into bondage. Would you want to be tied up in gear?

Jacob: Wow, that sounds great.

Coach85: Like tied to the bed on your back in a comfortable position for an extended time?

Jacob: Yeah, that's a really hot idea.

Coach85: Your profile says that you imagine taking gear out on the ice sometime too right?

Jacob: Yeah, I know it's unlikely to ever happen. I'm too chicken about getting hit in the nuts with a puck.

Coach85: Your profile also says you're into roleplay.

Jacob: Like maybe I'm "unwillingly" in the gear, and an actual goalie is humping me.

Coach85: Like how would you "unwilingly" be in the gear? Like "hypnotized"?

Jacob: Ooooh, that sounds fun.

Coach85: Or do you like to roleplay impossible things, like the goalie gear is fusing with your body?

Jacob: Yeah I'd like that.


[Coach85 and Jacob talk more and make plans to meet up at a hotel room.]


Jacob knocks on the hotel room door. He's greeted by a middle-aged man in street clothes.


Jacob: Coach85?

Coach85: Yes. You are getting sleepy.

Jacob: Oh wow, right into the roleplay. Wow, cool.

Coach85: You will obey only my voice...

Jacob: Yep, don't have to ask me twice. This is going to be fun.

Coach85: Your first order is to take off your street clothes and put on the spandex undersuit.

Jacob: Yes, this is great. Right away.


The spandex undersuit was black and had tiny silver wires woven all through it, almost too small to see.


Jacob: What's the wires for?

Coach85: Oh, that's the new heatsink technology. Keeps goalies cool.

Jacob: Oh nice, that'll be useful.


Jacob put on the bodysuit and zipped it up with the front zipper.


Coach85: Hear my voice. Now put on the goalie jock and cup.

Jacob: Yep, on it. Wow, this is nice. Never actually worn a goalie jock before.

Coach85: You are only listening to my commands. Now the knee protectors.

Jacob: Oh, yes, you thought of everything. ok, knee protectors on.

Coach85: Put on the goalie pants.


The goalie pants were shiny and black.


Jacob: I like these pants. I'm getting hard, heh.

Coach85: Focus only on my voice. Fasten the belt clips in the front.

Jacob: Ok, clips fastened.

Coach85: Now, I order you to sit on the bed and put on the leg pads. 

Jacob: Alright ... lots of straps but I see where they all go.

Coach85: Now, you shall put on the neck protector, then the chest and arms protector.

Jacob: Ok, the neck protector is on, I just do up the snap in the back. And now the chest protector... and done.

Coach85: Now relax and continue to obey. Put the jersey on. It's a bit tricky to put it on over the pads, so I will assist you.


The jersey had the number 04.


Coach85: Now lay down on the bed on your back.

Jacob: Yes, I'm getting excited now.

Coach85: Now I will tie you down spread-eagle to the bed.


Coach85 proceeded to do exactly that.


Coach85: I will put the skates on you and make sure they are attached to the leg pads correctly.

Jacob: Nice, you're doing everything!

Coach85: Now the goalie mask, but first, I'll put this spandex hood on your head. It also uses the heatsink technology to keep you cool.


Coach85 put the spandex hood over Jacob's head. It had eye and mouth holes.


Coach85: Now, I command that lift your head a bit so I can put the goalie mask on you... and good. And open your hands so I can put the blocker and catcher on you. And that's it. I should get a mirror so you can see what you look like.


Coach85 got a mirror.


Jacob: Wow, this is amazing, I actually look like a real goalie. I mean, I'm actually "unwillingly" in the gear. ... You'll never get away with this! .. hehe.


Coach85: Now, you said you wanted to be in the gear for an extended time. So I'll put the TV on for you. Here's some training videos for actual goalies.


Jacob: Cool, thanks, this is pretty comfortable. I'll watch them.


He does.







Jacob: Oh wow, did I fall asleep in gear? Hey coach! Coach!


Coach85: Coming! How's it going?


Coach85 was still in street clothes.


Jacob: I'm kind of hungry and thirsty.


Coach85: I've got a bunch of protein shakes in the fridge. I'll get one plus a straw.


Coach85 fed Jacob a protein shake with a straw through the bars of the goalie mask.


Coach85: How are you feeling now?


Jacob: Pretty good actually. I'm feeling a bit itchy in my crotch. Can we do the humping thing now?


Coach85: Sure. Just let me go to the other room to change and get into character.


Jacob: Yeah, take your time.


Jacob patiently waits and soon enough, there is another goalie in the door of the bedroom, in matching goalie gear. He is also wearing a spandex mask under his goalie mask. His jersey number is 02.


Jacob: Ok, Coach85, I'm ready.

Goalie 02: I am Goalie zero two.

Jacob: Oh, right, you're in character. Well, come on Goalie 02.


He climbs on top of Jacob and starts humping.


Jacob: Right into it eh? Well, that's exactly what I wanted.


The shiny black nylon of each of the pants slides across the other. The plastic of each cups knocks against the other one under the pants.


Jacob: Wow, this cup is good protection. It doesn't hurt at all no matter how hard you hump.


The humping still triggers pleasure deep inside, and both goalies cum.


Jacob: Wow, that was a dream come true. I just want to lay with you some more.




They fall asleep together.




Coach85 walks in on the two, in street clothes.


Jacob: Wait, what!!!!???


Goalie 02 stood up from the bed. Coach85 started untying Jacob.


Coach85: Remember that you said you'd like it if the goalie gear was fused with your body?


Jacob's arms were untied now. He went to take off the blocker and catcher, but there was no seam. The spandex undersuit was connected to the blocker and catcher now.


Jacob tried to pull off the goalie mask. It looked ordinary, but the front and the back plate was all one solid piece. The straps and snaps were just decorative now.


Jacob pulled at the shoulder and arms protector but it was totally fused with the spandex bodysuit.


Jacob looked for a way to take off the spandex bodysuit, but it was now part of his skin. 


Jacob looked at the goalie pants, but they were now seamless to the spandex bodysuit. 


He tried to pull the goalie pants up, down, side to side but that just moved his muscles underneath since the pants and his body was all one piece.


Coach85 finished untying Jacob's legs. Jacob looked at the back of the goalie pads. 


The buckles had fallen off, and the straps had just fused with the bodysuit, and thus his skin.


Jacob picked up the mirror. The spandex mask was also attached to his skin. Where there was a hole for the eyes and mouth, it just kind of faded into his skin; there was no defined edge of the holes.


Jacob: What the heck did you do?


Coach85: We're in need of a new goalie for our teams. It used to be a lot more complicated process before my superiors could afford the bio-nanotechnology; the wires in the spandex suit. And we set up just the right website to attract just the right demographic that would accept the fusion. And you've accepted the fusion; body and mind.


Jacob: You can't do this, that's not what I wanted.


Coach85: You wanted to try goalie gear, you're doing it.

You wanted to be tied up, you were.

You wanted to be humped in goalie gear, you did.

You wanted to go on the ice in gear, you're going to be doing it with a team.

You wanted the gear to stay on for an extended time, it's going to stay on for the most extended time.

You wanted to roleplay being hypnotized and unwillingly be in the gear, you did a bit poorly with that on your side, but wish granted...


Jacob: But how will I eat and sleep? And pee and poop?

Coach85: There's more protein shakes in the fridge. You slept pretty well already, and there's a hidden flap and collection system in the back of the pants. You are one peice with the whole uniform now, so we just hose you off if you get too dirty.


Jacob: Well, then there's a collection system in the back, but what about the front?

Coach85: Oh ho ho, you still think there's something in the front.


Jacob's blocker hand shot down to front of the pants. There was the pants, and he could feel the cup underneath, and what was probably the spandex undersuit, but nothing else. The front of the pants was seamless; there was no hole for access to even look.


Jacob: What did you dooooooo?

Coach85: Our technology pays special attention to the area under the cup. You said it yourself, you'd worry about getting hit in the dick and balls; we can't have that in our goalies. Don't worry you'll still be able to pleasure yourself by having it rubbed hard enough. I think Goalie 02 likes you so you won't have a problem with that. His name is Blair, he's been with us for years and years since before we had the bio-nanotechnology. It was a lot more complicated to recruit back then.


Jacob: You can't do this!

Coach85: I think deep down it's everything that you wanted. You've already accepted it, body and mind.


Jacob: I have to get back to ... Wait, what was I supposed to get back to? I've always been Goalie 04.

Coach85: See you at the game!

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