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Trapped in Scuba Gear, Part 2, Chapter 2

The short nurse replied "Wetsuit shorts. They're like a wetsuit but just shorts."


"Ah. Makes sense." replied Mr. Dreidger "Put them on."


Tom put them on and felt a bit less awkward.


"Here's what going to happen" said Mr Dreidger, while counting things off with his fingers, "First, you can go back to your hotel room if you want. The locks are biometric. You can either sleep in the bed or in the tank. Second, you'll be taking an accelerated one on one training class; we don't know how well your knowledge translates to real-world situations. Third, it'll take a few more days for the suit to fully bond with you so you'll be avoiding strenuous activity until then. Any questions?"


"Yes, if I'm not doing anything, can I have my computer? To play the game?"


"I'll put in a request. If it does get approved, remember you're on a Non-Disclosure Agreement so you can't tell anyone online about the project. We can watch what you see through your visor, so we'll know if you do."


Tom looked at his face in the reflection in one of the pieces of metallic equipment. The visor was attached to the neoprene hood. The edges of the hood around his cheek and chin were different than when he put it on. There was no defined edge or seam to the hood; it just sort of faded into his skin. He tried to push the visor up, but it just pulled on his skin; it was attached now.


"What happened to me?!" yelled Tom.


"Calm down" said Mr Dreidger "This is the bio-nanotechnology described in your contract. I'll have a copy of it sent to your room if you like."


Tom pulled on the neoprene on his arms and calves, but it just moved the muscles underneath. The suit was attached to his skin everywhere.


"Stop it!" yelled Mr Dreidger, who pressed a button on an app on his phone. Tom's visor went blank, so he was blinded and didn't even see the tall nurse put him in a headlock.


It was clear that the tall nurse alone was far stronger than Tom, and Tom was blinded. "ok, ok I give." blurted Tom. "Give me the copy of the contract."


Tom was released from the headlock and his vision was restored with another touch of the button.


"Is that all?" asked Mr. Dreidger, who seemed completely unphased.


"Yeah, I can't think of anything else." wheezed Tom.


"Ok you're free to go to your room. Also," Mr Dreidger looked at the short nurse, "Make him an appointment with Dr. Conrad about his ..." Mr Dreidger looked at Tom's covered-up bulge, "... condition."


Tom went back to his hotel room uneventfully. A look in the bathroom mirror confirmed what he had saw; the suit was bonded to his skin everywhere, and the hood just faded into his skin at the edges now. He actually kind of liked it. He ran his gloved hands over his smooth neoprene that hugged every curve. He took off the neoprene shorts. A quick check confirmed that his penis was also bonded with the neoprene in the same way as the rest of his body. He looked at his backside in the mirror. There was a short vertical zipper positioned over his asshole. He unzipped the zipper and looked at his asshole in the mirror. The crack itself was still pink and fleshy, but along the edges, where the neoprene had made contact with the skin, it also just sort of faded into the skin. Tom zipped it back up.


Tom went to the bed and laid down on top of the blankets. He quickly realized that because of the rebreather, that laying on his back wasn't comfortable so switched to his side. The smooth neoprene covering his body was making him horny and he really wanted to just jerk off his neoprene-covered penis. But then he remembered that someone could be watching exactly what his sees with his visor. Should Tom:


a) Not risk it.

b) Jerk off, but not look at his penis and try to make it seem like nothing is happening

c) Do it anyway, looking right at his penis

d) Something else. (what?)

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