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I'd like to get feedback again about how my readers feel about direction for my stories.   Do you like where Trapped in Scuba Gear is going? 1. Yes, continue with the current storyline. 2. I want to read new Trapped in Goalie Gear instead   And what shou
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"WAKE UP! Grab your stuff!" Sgt. Sweet yelled. Tom rolled over to look at Sgt. Sweet. Tom was in the habit of sleeping on his stomach so the rebreather didn't hurt his back.   "Grab your stuff! I'll explain on the way!" Shouted Sgt Sweet again. He was hold
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Tom couldn't think of anything else, so he put the fins, jacket and pants, and rubber boots into the backpack and headed toward the door. Then some diving knives on a shelf caught his eye.   "If I'm going to be diving in open water, taking one of those is
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As the days passed, Tom spent his days following the training program, and doing his own research on nanotech. He knew that his Internet was monitored, and that someone might be able to see whatever he sees on his visor, so he decided to see how far he cou
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Much like the average perv, I browse through the wonderful photos of GearFetishX, as well as Reddit, or Twitter, Recon, and Fetlife, many others too, looking for the right thing that turns them on so they can shoot their goo. What annoys the hell out of me
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Early this morning while I was at work, a guy came to get a few things from my work area. He had noticed the sage green fleece I had on (since it was still cool out at the time) and said he had one too. Turns out he was an Airman from the local ANG base a
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To the few people that actually view (or have viewed) this profile:I do not think this profile will be active for much longer. Due to ongoing on and off (though more frequently on) cases of severe depression, I felt it's best not to be around people, both
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This old pair of jeans is unlined and not too warm up to about 20C
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As the days went by, Tom thought about Jerry. He wanted to share his interest in gear with someone else, but Mr. Dreidger had said there was no one else like Tom in the building.   "If I see Jerry by the pool, I'll start off with some subtle nonverbal cues
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"I was wondering," asked Tom, "If on the edge of the hood, where it looks like the suit fades into the skin, could you make it look like there is an edge to the hood?" "Why you want that?" asked Dr. Conrad "It not look as nice." "To blend in with other div
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