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"I was wondering," asked Tom, "If on the edge of the hood, where it looks like the suit fades into the skin, could you make it look like there is an edge to the hood?" "Why you want that?" asked Dr. Conrad "It not look as nice." "To blend in with other div
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There wasn't anything that Tom was required to do for the rest of the day, or the day after that. "Hotel TV and room service. This isn't too bad, but I miss playing Modern Seal Team Strike." thought Tom to himself.   The morning after that, he was woken up
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Tom was deciding whether to check out the pool when he heard a knock at the door, "Package for you"   Tom looked through the peephole; it was another hotel employee from housekeeping. He opened the door.   "Delivery for Tom," the employee offering a large
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Tom decided to go to the lobby for breakfast.   But first, he was going to this supply room that he'd heard about to get a wetsuit hood. But he'd never been to the supply room.   "Hey, where is the supply room?" he said out loud based on a hunch that whoev
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b) Jerk off, but not look at his penis and try to make it seem like nothing is happening   Tom decided to jerk off but not look at his neoprene-covered dick to keep secret about what he was doing. He grabbed his dick in his gloved hands and gave jerking of
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The short nurse replied "Wetsuit shorts. They're like a wetsuit but just shorts."   "Ah. Makes sense." replied Mr. Dreidger "Put them on."   Tom put them on and felt a bit less awkward.   "Here's what going to happen" said Mr Dreidger, while counting thing
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Continued from Part 1 (this is in progress, and will be edited as more content is written)   Tom looked at his crotch and saw ... a neoprene coated erect penis. Tom crossed his arms over it to hide it from view. Mr Dreidger finally spoke, "That should not
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Welcome to the NewdDawgBlawg @ GearFetishX.  In the coming months I will be adding gear and fetish related articles.  Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark the blog!
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 (fits in the time skip between Trapped in Goalie Gear Part 2 and Part 3)   Twenty-two year-old Tom was in his basement apartment, on his computer playing Modern Seal Team Strike. It's the most detailed underwater combat and stealth game on the market. Tom
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