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"No questions." said Tom.   "Very good." said Sgt Sweet. "One more thing. You'll be encountering other personnel here. Someone in a wetsuit isn't too out of place here, but the visor is a bit much. Dr. Conrad sent Dr. Farquharson the specs to remove it. I
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"No more questions?" said Dr. Farquharson, "All right. Just press that button by the side of the bed if you need anything."   Tom went back to worrying about what would happen next. "Best case, I'm off the project. As weird as this is, do I really want to
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"I'm ... what happened?" Tom's thoughts swirled as he regained consciousness. "Oh. Right. I am so screwed."   Tom took stock of his situation. He was in a bed. He looked around; he was still seeing through the visor in his suit. He felt around the rest of
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Thanks for reading this far. The twist at the end of Part 5 was planned from the beginning of this Part, and while the specific events and their order was open to revision while I was writing, the direction I was going was never in doubt. I have some inter
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Tom pressed the Talk button "We can talk in private now."   "Good. I have to explain some things to clear up any confusion before anyone else arrives."   "Go ahead." Tom said.   "This was all a test. We had to see how you would respond to a real situation.
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Tom gave Kyle's dick some tugs, then slowly ran his rubbery hand over Kyle's dick. "Oh that feels so nice." said Kyle softly.   Kyle reached for Tom's dick and squeezed. "Oh, this isn't a pee valve?"   "It's ... a form-fitting suit." said Tom.   "Whatever
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"Aw, fuck it!" said Kyle with resolve "I've just got to help you with that. You want to rub one out?"   "I do," replied Tom. He thought about it. His visor had been giving the Connection Lost message since halfway down. Any rescuers would certainly be hear
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"I'll take from your silence that you don't have any more ideas." said Tom, still with his head in the cabinet looking at components. "What about those wireless tablets, can they send a message to the surface?"   "Even shorter range than the sub," Kyle sho
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Tom headed back inside the base. In the entrance room he dropped off the repair equipment. Then he went through both doors to the control room.   Kyle looking at one of the consoles. "Good job." Kyle said, and gave the high-five sign.   Kyle was still wear
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  Kyle had a question for Tom: "Looks like you're wearing a bunch of tech. Can you radio anyone and tell them what's going on?"   Tom shook his head, "No, I lost connection before I got halfway down here and haven't connected since."   Kyle pointed to Tom'
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Trapped in Goalie Gear, Part 3
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