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Tom ran down the corridor to see if he could still catch up with Josh and apologize or thank him or something.   Shit. Shit. Shit.   There were just too many ways he could have gone. Tom walked back to his quarters and thought about his next action. "I'll
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Tom sat in the sterile doctor's office, nervously flipping through an old magazine, his heartbeat echoing in his ears. The air conditioner was humming, its monotonous sound oscillating and imitating the chirping of cicadas in a quiet night.   The door open
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"And the second good news," Sgt Sweet continued, "Here's a card with some spending money on it, like you asked."   "Thank you, sir." said Tom, accepting the card. "How much is on it?"   "One-thousand dollars." said Sgt. Sweet.   "Oh wow, that's so generous
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"I was wondering if you have any suggestions on things to check out, sir."   "You have the day off, so maybe the gym, or one of the lounges. I'm still trying to find someone to give you a tour so just don't get in anybody's way until then."   "Ok, thank yo
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Another thought struck Tom: "What if this is another test? Is there something I should be noticing or doing?" He looked around. It was a big ship, not an aircraft carrier but probably a cruiser. Lots of people were now on the deck. Some were taking charge;
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Tom waited for a break in the conversation. "So Josh, what do you do on the ship?"   "Oh, I'm doing Surface Weapons right now, but I'm hoping to branch out into more diving. How about you?"   "I'm in training right now, but probably will be doing diving as
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"What're the other ones like?" asked Tom.   "I don't know. I've never met them." answered Sgt. Sweet.   "Oh. Ok then." said Tom, a little disappointed he wouldn't learn about them, but at the same time, excited to get confirmation that there were others.  
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Sgt. Sweet said "Go ahead then."   Tom began "Sir, I remember what happened in the underwater base."   "Great! We can do the debrief right now, then." Sgt Sweet took out his phone, set it to voice record mode, and set it on the table.   Tom told exactly ev
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"Can you make any modifications to the suit, like add new features?" asked Tom.   "I don't have the equipment to do that kind of thing. Removing your visor without damaging you or the suit was only possible because Dr. Conrad sent the code to do it; and be
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[This chapter includes medical talk, so avoid it if you are squeamish.]     Tom decided the first thing he should do is get some less conspicuous clothes.   He pressed the the talk button on the radio. "Sergeant, are you there?"   "Yes, what is it?" replie
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Burnaby, Canada
Trapped in Goalie Gear, Part 3
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