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"Aw, fuck it!" said Kyle with resolve "I've just got to help you with that. You want to rub one out?"   "I do," replied Tom. He thought about it. His visor had been giving the Connection Lost message since halfway down. Any rescuers would certainly he hear
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"I'll take from your silence that you don't have any more ideas." said Tom, still with his head in the cabinet looking at components. "What about those wireless tablets, can they send a message to the surface?"   "Even shorter range than the sub," Kyle sho
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Tom headed back inside the base. In the entrance room he dropped off the repair equipment. Then he went through both doors to the control room.   Kyle looking at one of the consoles. "Good job." Kyle said, and gave the high-five sign.   Kyle was still wear
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  Kyle had a question for Tom: "Looks like you're wearing a bunch of tech. Can you radio anyone and tell them what's going on?"   Tom shook his head, "No, I lost connection before I got halfway down here and haven't connected since."   Kyle pointed to Tom'
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Tom didn't hear any little voices in his head telling him that he was forgetting something, so he took a deep breath; the gun in one hand, and opened the heavy metal door in the other, and ...   Another door. He was in a small room, a couple meters big, wi
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"I'll do it." said Tom, "Do I need some code to get in?"   "The main entrance is from the bottom. Sort of like if you held an empty glass upside down underwater." replied Sgt. Sweet.   "Alright, no point standing around any more" said Tom, and he attached
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I'd like to get feedback again about how my readers feel about direction for my stories.   Do you like where Trapped in Scuba Gear is going? 1. Yes, continue with the current storyline. 2. I want to read new Trapped in Goalie Gear instead   And what shou
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"WAKE UP! Grab your stuff!" Sgt. Sweet yelled. Tom rolled over to look at Sgt. Sweet. Tom was in the habit of sleeping on his stomach so the rebreather didn't hurt his back.   "Grab your stuff! I'll explain on the way!" Shouted Sgt Sweet again. He was hold
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Tom couldn't think of anything else, so he put the fins, jacket and pants, and rubber boots into the backpack and headed toward the door. Then some diving knives on a shelf caught his eye.   "If I'm going to be diving in open water, taking one of those is
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As the days passed, Tom spent his days following the training program, and doing his own research on nanotech. He knew that his Internet was monitored, and that someone might be able to see whatever he sees on his visor, so he decided to see how far he cou
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