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I geared up last week for a great LeatherSex session with a Daddy I met on Scruff. I brought an array of gear with me that I enjoy being fucked in with my nipples tightly clamped. His playroom had a great looking sling bolted to the ceiling. As he showered
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Tom ran down the corridor to see if he could still catch up with Josh and apologize or thank him or something.   Shit. Shit. Shit.   There were just too many ways he could have gone. Tom walked back to his quarters and thought about his next action. "I'll
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I’m a smooth, gay, muscled leatherman who has his needs. So I went in search of them at Drako Club in Lisbon not long ago. It’s a gay men’s sex club, where horny guys get naked to rendezvous with other men who need to suck and fuck. I needed to feel a smoo
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LeatherandMuscles I needed to suck some smooth leatherman cock. So I geared up and stopped by Blow Buddies to look for some loads to swallow. Was not interested in giving as I was saving my load for a later party. Action was slow, so I relaxed in a sling
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Tom sat in the sterile doctor's office, nervously flipping through an old magazine, his heartbeat echoing in his ears. The air conditioner was humming, its monotonous sound oscillating and imitating the chirping of cicadas in a quiet night.   The door open
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Hello gearheads-  I am looking for guys into sneakers, leather, rubber, rubber boots and bunker gear in or near Pittsburgh PA for friendship and possible FWB. Please message me and lets become friends.  
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Met a handsome guy on Manhunt who has a lingerie fetish. I love wearing lace g-strings so we hooked up at his place. Turns out, his fetishes include filming while being fucked. I'm an exhibitionist so I didn't mind our fuck session being recorded. By 2 cam
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Warning: This is a robust hypnotic induction, sexual suggestions, and post-hypnotic suggestions. There is a real possibility, You will be permanently bonded to your football gear by the end. Proceed at your own risk. Do not continue reading; this may becom
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First guy who made it known he wanted fuck me was when I was 16. He was about 10 years older. We became friends quickly not long after meeting one another. One night he shocked me by confessing that if I was interested, he’d let me shoot my cum all over hi
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Was in serious need of GayLeatherSex. Swung by L’Impact, a hot gay sex club nearby, to find what I was looking for. No viable options until I spotted 2 smooth, muscled guys making good use of a sling in the dungeon. Bottom was moaning as the top, a blonde
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