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Warning: This is a robust hypnotic induction, sexual suggestions, and post-hypnotic suggestions. There is a real possibility, You will be permanently bonded to your football gear by the end. Proceed at your own risk. Do not continue reading; this may becom
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First guy who made it known he wanted fuck me was when I was 16. He was about 10 years older. We became friends quickly not long after meeting one another. One night he shocked me by confessing that if I was interested, he’d let me shoot my cum all over hi
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Was in serious need of GayLeatherSex. Swung by L’Impact, a hot gay sex club nearby, to find what I was looking for. No viable options until I spotted 2 smooth, muscled guys making good use of a sling in the dungeon. Bottom was moaning as the top, a blonde
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"And the second good news," Sgt Sweet continued, "Here's a card with some spending money on it, like you asked."   "Thank you, sir." said Tom, accepting the card. "How much is on it?"   "One-thousand dollars." said Sgt. Sweet.   "Oh wow, that's so generous
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Velvet Fabric Manufacturers introduces the purchase considerations for curtains: (1) To conform to the interior design style. Because the choice of curtains, conforming to the design style is the first requirement. (2) The overall effect of the living ro
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"I was wondering if you have any suggestions on things to check out, sir."   "You have the day off, so maybe the gym, or one of the lounges. I'm still trying to find someone to give you a tour so just don't get in anybody's way until then."   "Ok, thank yo
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Another thought struck Tom: "What if this is another test? Is there something I should be noticing or doing?" He looked around. It was a big ship, not an aircraft carrier but probably a cruiser. Lots of people were now on the deck. Some were taking charge;
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Tom waited for a break in the conversation. "So Josh, what do you do on the ship?"   "Oh, I'm doing Surface Weapons right now, but I'm hoping to branch out into more diving. How about you?"   "I'm in training right now, but probably will be doing diving as
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Well inside the control room, I was again placed on a bench. Immediately came 4 rubber assistants to take me closer look. They loosened elegant my layers of rain gear that was jacket / trousers in several layers and then trouser / jacket. When they came to
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Fantasies from a rainwear slave I This is a dream or a fantasy I've had in a long time. Naturally, it is a fictional story, so all people and events are fictional and fantasy. But I would so like to wish that the experience could be a "fact" within reasona
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